Tuesday, September 16, 2014

EVE: Blood burner mission

With the Hyperion update came the new burner missions and I was curious enough to give them a try. After half a dozen random level 4 missions (in Amarr space) the Blood Raider burner mission came up.

The mission warned me that the enemy was a cruor that webbed, scrammed, neuted and liked to orbit at 5 km range while burning me to a crisp with his lasers.

So for my first attempt I went with a capless tank and weapon system in the form of a hawk. When you lack CPU for the fit you want you can try to come up with a new fit or you can just throw isk at the problem.

The abundance of faction mods below should tell you my approach.

It seemed as if I was capable of tanking his damage but since I also seemed unable to to break his tank I decided to bail out. I dropped a mobile depot, refitted with 2 WCS and warped off like a bear.

Since I have multiple accounts the easiest solution was to bring in reinforcements to add dps. Picking the Jaguar hull expended all my creative thought so it's rather similar to the hawk fitting since the tank seemed solid enough.


The Jaguar was tanking the Cruor the entire battle so I was going through cap boosters rather fast but with two ships on grid there was plenty of damage to burn through his armor fast enough.

Other players have completed these missions using single ships so obviously there are better ways as mine. Two youtube videos by other players featuring the same Blood Raider pirate :

Rail Daredevil that kites outside of neut range.

 Autocannon Wolf

Thursday, September 11, 2014

EVE: 5 years

Today marks my 5 year anniversary in EVE!

Just about to graduate from the normal subcap ships to capital and jump drive capable ones and by the end of the year I hope to have settled in a place where I can spend the next five years.

It's still a battle between Civilization V and EVE Online every night though.