Friday, September 27, 2013

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EVE Online: Rubicon winter expansion announced

The new expansion, named Rubicon, has been announced officially.
A recording of the announcement can be found at

Features announced or speculated about include:
  • Capsuleer controlled high sec customs offices - Will this affect default tax rates? Is it feasible for small alliances or corporations to control custom offices or will big coalitions swamp empire space with their poco's? Where will the solo player turn to?
  • Accelerating to warp speed will change. Bigger ship classes will be slower while smaller ships will accelerate faster and cruisers will stay as they are. So watch the direction that battleship flies off towards, follow in your interceptor and still arrive first.
  • Interceptor rebalancing, bubble immunity, perhaps warp speed adjustment? 
  • EAF rabalancing
  • Interdictor rebalancing, bubble immunity
  • Marauder rebalancing and Bastion module, (only just now noticed that the marauder bonus will change from active tank to webifier bonus for all 4 variations)
  • Sisters of Eve faction ships. Amarr (armor tank) and Gallente (drone) based with cov ops & perhaps an exploration (role) bonus. Frigate and cruiser hulls, these will also be the first T1 faction ships that get covert ops ability.
  • Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher for battleships.
  • New character login/selection screen
  • New Cert System, certificates will be organised together for ships, only has skills and no other certificates as pre-req's.
  • 4 New deployable personal structure, all are attackable and won't initiate a Concord response, just a suspect timer. I wonder just how much EHP these will have. Can I attack them solo or will they survive a small gang?
  • Siphon Unit - steal resources from star base's. deployable thing that lets you steal moon goo from POS-es but anyone can take stuff from it. How does this combine with the guns, neuting battery and scram battery on grid with the hostile Pos I want to rob? Can we do this guerilla warfare style in solo/small gang or we warp in a full fleet, reinforce the POS and basically siphon the moon empty?
  • Personal Depot - Mobile home base with storage space and something like refitting/repair services. This will have the best defences of the four deployable structures, including a reinforcement system.
  • Deployable Automatic tractor beam and looting device (won't salvage). But it will pull together all wrecks and put loot into a single cargo hold or container.
  • Deployable Temporary short range cyno jammer, disposable one time use, around a 100km range they are working on that. This won't block covert cynos
  • Integration of Twitch TV into the EVE client, no 3rd party, all integrated in the game, easier to share.
  • Expansion out on 19 Nov
He thinks customs offices might turn a big profit if you start building some now.
Custom Office Gantry BPC's sell for 30m on contract, add 45-50 isk worth of extra materials and sell for 90 million.
Is the new auto-tractor & looter accessable to anyone? Is ninja looting back?
Can I raid a moon POS? How much cargo space will these structures take up and how much can fit inside them? BLOPS drop on null sec day trips? Low sec pirate gangs stealing from big coalitions?

Evenews24 tells us interdictors are sold out in jita to speculators. perhaps interceptors will get a bump in price as well?

I can't wait to get my hands on these new Sisters of Eve ships.
Perhaps I should get off my lazy ass and build modules that these ships will surely fit.

Just a quickie.
CCP was about to hand out some priceless eve online ships though a third-party lottery (Somer Blink). The message I read between the lines is that CCP audits Somer Blink and tells us we can trust Somer blink not to scam us in any way. All those sites saying Somer is fraudulent or at least has something fishy going on can be dismissed.

I am not alone in my assumptions, I just noticed and

Why not a Red, Banana or Orange Magnate instead of gold? New ship, no big deal if that is handed out as a prize.

Why do I have to spend isk on a third-party lottery to get a chance at CCP sponsored prizes?

Perhaps I could try running SoE missions to stack LP for immediate use when the expansion arrives.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

EVE Online: ME research

This post started out as a reply on where someone asked Foo to research the following BPO's for him. This is also where I get the number of 10.000 isk per hour to rent a slot. Research at a POS goes 33% faster so it compares to an empire rental rate of 7500 isk per hour but has no waiting times.

To compare:
Isaziwa (high sec) ME slots are 15.600 isk/hour and available in 93 days.
Auviken (high sec) ME slots are 4163 isk/hour and available in 42 days

Horrkisen (low sec) ME slots are 8162 isk/hour and available in 28 days.
Horrkisen (low sec) ME slots are 2091 isk/hour and available in 25 days.
Tama (low sec) ME slots are 177 isk/hour and available in 25 days.

Hobgoblin I
Cap Booster 50
Phased Plasma S
Incursus Blueprint

Most BPO's have a default waste value of 10%. This means that at ME 0 you need an additional 10% materials as compared to a perfect ME where you have 0 waste.

To calculate ME levels I use
For a manual calculation divide the material with the highest requirement by 5.5. (I use the material requirement including the 10% base waste. Otherwise you could use the materials required at perfect ME and divide by 5 to get the same result.)

A hobgoblin I at ME 0 requires:
504 tritanium so ME 91 to eliminate all (tritanium) waste.
7 pyerite gives ME 1 to eliminate pyerite waste.
4 Isogen and 2 Noxcium means that even at ME 0 there won't be any waste materials of these.

So a hobgoblin has a perfect ME value of 91.

The same way we can calculate the perfect ME levels of the other three items:
Cap Booster 50 blueprint has perfect ME level of 90. (495 tritanium divided by 5.5)
Phased Plasma S blueprint has perfect ME level of 29 (163 tritanium divided by 5.5)
Incursus Blueprint blueprint has perfect ME level of 2400 (13200 tritanium divided by 5.5)

But researching BPO's can be expensive. When using a BPO with a wastage factor of 10% you get the following waste percentages:

ML0 - 10%
ML1 - 5%
ML2 - 3.3%
ML3 - 2.5%
ML10 - 0.9%
ML50 - 0.2%

So researching anything beyond ME 3 to 10 offers very little in return.

MaterialISK puBaseME:0ME:1ME:90ME:91
Base Lab timex1.002h40m1w3d0h1w3d2h
POS Lab timex0.752h0m1w0d12h1w0d14h
Skill & POS Lab timex0.561h30m5d15h0m5d16h30m

At ME 0 the material costs of a hobgoblin I come down to about 4300 isk.
At ME 91 the material costs of a hobgoblin I come down to about 4100 isk.

At ME 10 the waste is 4 tritanium.
At ME 20 it is halved again to 2 tritanium.
At ME 30 to 90 the waste is 1 tritanium.

As I write this the best price if you were to sell to buy orders is just over 4300 isk in Jita.
Sell prices are:
4000 isk in Jarizza (Derelik high sec)
4341 isk  in Amarr
4400 isk in Dodixie
4619 isk in Jita
4639 isk in Rens
5498 isk in Hek

A Hobgoblin I BPO sells for 250.000 isk. If your profit margin is 500 isk per drone you only have to sell 500 drones to earn back the BPO investment.

ME 1 takes 1,5 hours of research for in investment of 15.000 isk. Since you now save 100 isk in waste for each drone build you only have to build and sell 150 drones to earn back the investment in ME research.

It takes about 136 hours to research the BPO to a perfect ME. At 10k isk/hour to rent a research slot this is an investment of 1,36 million isk. With a price difference of 200 isk due to reduced waste compared to ME 0 you need to build and sell 6800 Hobgoblin I drones to earn back the investment in ME research.

The difference between ME 1 and ME 91 is 100 isk material cost per drone and 135 hours of research. 1,35 million isk divided by 100  = 13500 hobgoblin I drones that have to be build and sold to earn back the investment in research from ME 1 to ME 91

My Hobgoblin I BPO is ME 100 (and PE 60). I just calculated the perfect ME level and since it didn't take that long I rounded it up. Looking back ME 1 is the optimal value since it requires the lowest number of built drones to turn profitable and will actually reduce the number of drones you need to sell to make a profit on the original BPO investment.

My Cap Booster 50 BPO has been researched to ME 90 (perfect)
I do not own a Phased Plasma S or Incursus BPO. (Phased Plasma M or L anyone?)

The incursus is an altogether different story though.

MaterialISK puBaseME:0ME:1ME:3ME:6
Base Lab timex1.001d9h20m4d4h0m1w1d8h
POS Lab timex0.751d1h0m3d3h0m6d6h0m
Skill & POS Lab timex0.5618h45m2d8h15m4d16h30m

ME 1 reduces Zydrine waste to 0.
ME 3 reduces Noxcium waste to 0.
ME 6 reduces Isogen waste to 0.
ME 720 reduces Mexallon waste to 0.
ME 2000 reduces Pyerite waste to 0.
ME 2400 reduces Tritanium waste to 0.

ME 0 build cost is 351k including 32.5k on waste materials.
The BPO price is 2.825.000 isk. At a sell price of 381k and 30k profit you would need to build and sell 95 ships to break even on your investment.

ME 1 reduces waste from 32.5k to 16k. Research cost is 187.500 isk for 18,75 hours.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 1 you have to sell just 12 ships.

ME 3 reduces waste from 32.5k to 7,6k. Research cost is 562.500 isk for 56,25 hours
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 3 you have to sell 23 ships.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 1 to 3 you have to sell 45 ships.

ME 6 reduces waste from 32.5k to 4,3K. Research cost is 1.125.000 isk for 112,5 hours.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 6 you have to sell 40 ships.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 3 to 6 you have to sell 170 ships.

ME 10 reduces waste from 32.5k to 2,7K. Research cost is 2.500.000 isk for 250 hours.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 10 you have to sell 84 ships.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 6 to 10 you have to sell 860 ships.

ME 100 reduces waste from 32.5k to 316 isk. Research cost is 25.000.000 isk for 104 days (2500 hours).
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 100 you have to sell 777 ships.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 10 to 100 you have to sell 9375 ships.

ME 720 reduces waste from 32.5k to 20 isk. Research cost is 180.000.000 isk for 750 days
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 0 to 720 you have to sell over 5500 ships.
To earn back the investment in researching ME from 100 to 720 you have to sell almost 525.000 ships.

I am not even going to calculate the return values for higher ME values.
Researching to higher ME values is only worth it if your profit margins are very low and you can move large volumes

What is considered an optimal ME is of course subjective but I would place it between ME 3 and 6 for an incursus based on these numbers.

Creating a 1500 run copy of my Hobgoblin I BPO takes 3 hours or 30k isk.
That comes out to 20 isk per Hobgoblin I. An ME 1 BPO requires an investment of 265.000 isk and the ME 91 BPO has an investment cost of 1,61 million isk.

Seems to me my corp mate is better off buying copies from me as he is getting his own BPO even if I ask another 10k isk per copy.

Creating a 1500 run copy of my Cap Booster 50 BPO (good for 15.000 cap booster charges) takes 45 minutes or 7500 isk. Cost to create a BPC is 2 isk per charge.

Shameless selfpromotion in case anyone would like me to built him something or wants copies of my BPO's:

I own about 150 BPO's among ammo, cap boosters, scripts, probes, R.A.M., R.Db, some modules, rigs, 6 of the T1 industrial BPO's, 20 frigate, all 8 destroyer and 18 cruiser BPO's.
Also Caldari Fuel Block, Nanite Repair Paste, Graviton Pulse Generator and Photon Microprocessor.

Another 50 T2 BPC's that I invented but never built, mostly scourge fury, javelin and precision missiles .

Thursday, September 19, 2013

EVE Online: WH vs high sec PI

In high sec I sometimes ran a somewhat ineffective PI setup on a 7 day cycle.

The basic setup has me producing a refined commodity on each planet.
Two extractors, one for each raw material (P0), two basic factories to convert raw materials (P0) into processed materials (P1) and then on to a single advanced facility where I manufacture a refined commodity (P2).

Below are two images comparing a high sec and wormhole temperate planet.

Below are two images comparing a high sec and wormhole barren planet.

My basic wormhole setup runs on a two day cycle and extracts, processes and refines about 4 to 6 times the volume per hour. It has the same two extractors but instead of two basic factories and a single advanced facility I might need two or three as much factories even though the number of extractor heads is reduced from the maximum of 10 to about 3 or 4.

With high sec planets I am happy with skills at rank 4 but in wormhole space you need more factories which leaves you with very few extractor heads. Command Center Upgrades 5 takes about 20 days to train but it would definately be worth training if I want to stick with PI in wormhole or null sec space.

I just realize that with a low custom office tax it is probably a lot better to extract P0 and only process them into P1 and do all the P2 and P3 production on a barren or temperate planet. Production costs will still be low and you don't use that much overhead PG/CPU to the extractor itself so your overall production volume will be much higher.

So far I invested about 60m in my wormhole adventure. 30 Million to set up 5 planets and another 30 million on a scanning frigate, tayra and epithal for my alt.
The first PI export run had a value of about 25m so next week I will be even and can set up another character the same way.

That way I should end up earning about 30-50m isk per week per character or 300-600 million isk per month per account. Perhaps enough to buy a plex.

In an old forum post I mentioned that at the time high sec PI earned me about 180m isk a month, that would compare to the tripled yield I see from my current extractor setup.

EVE Online: Wormhole Colour

Over at  Tiger Ears Penny made an extensive post explaining how you can see what region a wormhole leads to just by looking at its colors.

The guide shows two images for each destination region and a complete chart of wormhole class 1 through 6 both as source and destination.

A wormhole in my system looks like this:

I think that matches up pretty well with the second image of the Citadel region. Both show caldari grey with red and green clouds while no other region shares that same combination of colours.

Now everyone can predict the destination region or class before jumping through a wormhole. Awesome guide and I am definately going to reference it a lot.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

EVE Online: BB 49 - Rich


This month's topic comes from a few sources and focuses on that most important of measurements of an EVE Online Pilot: How much money do you have?

What is "rich" in EVE? Is it simply having more ISK than most everyone else, is it measured in raw numbers of some other ethereal quality? Can you actually be poor? Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back? If you are rich, how do you know and how did you get rich?

How much money do you have?
250 million isk on my main and just over 200 million isk on my five other characters.

What is "rich" in EVE? Is it simply having more ISK than most everyone else, is it measured in raw numbers or some other ethereal quality?
For me rich means I don't have to worry about expenditures. In absolute numbers right now I would feel rich if I had 20 billion isk my wallet. That would allow me to fund Eve for almost a year. Most of that isk would be spent on 2 plex every month, a carrier and some miscellaneous ships.

In this case I look at my wallet and expected future expenditures.
When I checked my assets they valued about 15 billion (say 2 billion in clones, 8 in ships, 2.5 in BPO's, 2.5 in various stuff) but my policy is to write off any expenditure except BPO's as a loss.

I was rich in the past. I was rich when my wallet blinked 1 million isk. When I bought my first cruiser, when my wallet could afford a replacement. When I got my first battlecruiser, battleship and then a tengu. When the wallet blinked 1 billion.

I was rich when I had 5 billion.
So I went on a shopping spree and among other things bought a Legion, Proteus, Navy Megathron, Navy Vexor, Navy Omen, Navy Slicer, Geddon, Apocalypse, Viator, Crane, Prorator and finally an Orca. And then I was poor again.

But of course most people will tell you that material wealth is the least important and that what matters is spiritual wellbeing, or perhaps something similar yet less flowery worded.

And while I was poor this morning I am no longer so.

I have left my one man corporation and joined a wormhole corp, Foo Signature Industries.
This puts me from my (mostly) solo high sec life back among other players. It is also a step towards achieving the goals I set myself. I have experienced life in high and null sec space. Now it is time for something new. Anoikis.

Can you actually be poor?
Sure, if you can't afford what you want or don't consider yourself rich, doesn't that make you poor? Or is this one of those trick questions again?

Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back?
Not really, or at least not as far as I can remember. I have had setbacks but never anything crippling that forced you to start all over. When I lost my first battleship I still had my drake, when I lost my first tengu I already had a spare one.

Even if I somehow lost all my assets and had to start out with truly nothing except for freely generated noobships, I would still have all my knowledge of the game. It certainly wouldn't take as long as the first time to recover everything.

If you are rich, how do you know and how did you get rich?
I am not rich. I don't feel rich.

But for advice on how to obtain material wealth I would point people to market blogs in the first place and towards any enjoyable activity with a positive income secondly.

For the original post and the other banters visit the Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah at:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

EVE Online: Looking at a wormhole

Today I tried undocking in a ship that had it's slot layout changed.

I would have expected the illegal module to function the same as an offlined module or be ignored. In hindsight it seems more logical that CCP would put in a mechanism like this to prevent illegally fitted ships flying around the universe ignoring the laws of programmed reality.

I was trying to undock in that ship because I had just logged in with a long unused alt parked in Jita, Jita was crowded so I was moved to Maurasi where I tried to undock so I could move back to Jita to buy me a minimal scanning frigate.

I have wanted to try out wormhole life for a while now and decided to easy by applying to Foo Signature Industries and his C1 wormhole corporation.

Since I am in a personal one man corp with 0% tax and I would move to a corp with 0% tax then at the very least it might introduce me to more people. And since he is involved in industry perhaps it will help me to pick up my own again.

Joining the 'Foo Consolidated' channel I already noticed half a dozen players from Foo Signature Industries. Although at this time they are a bit occupied since their wormhole has some hostile ships visiting.

One player in the channel (accidentally) mentioned the high sec system their WH has an entrance to.

Since I had finished training for a basic scan fit about an hour earlier I hopped into my new ship and made my way over to the mentioned system. There was indeed a wormhole in the system so I scanned it down and warped to the signature.

Less as a minute later a gang of some hurricanes, prophecies, guardians and a loki warp to the gate and jump through. After that I move away from the gate and cloak up.

Now I see several ships coming and entering the hole a devoter, vexor navy issue, some drakes, a gila that doesn't enter. I am now far enough away that I can warp back to the wormhole if I wish to do so and stop my ship.

I offer to give information on ships this side of the wormhole to the people in chat even though I assume they already have their own scouts in place.

Later some other ships jump out of the wormhole to high sec, I assume they were the losers of a fight that took place on the other side of the wormhole and simply jumped through to disengage. If so I would expect them to stay at least 5 minutes on this side to prevent polarization.

Unfortunately it is getting late so I have to log off knowing the wormhole will be somewhere else by the time I can log on again.

This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably won't last another day.
This wormhole has had its stability reduced by ships passing through it, but not to a critical degree yet.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 released

From the patch notes:
To emphasize the removal of tiers, we have renamed several industrials.  The new names are:
  • Badger Mark II becomes Tayra.
  • Iteron becomes Nereus.
  • Iteron Mark II becomes Kryos.
  • Iteron Mark III becomes Epithal.
  • Iteron Mark IV becomes Miasmos.
The first minute I felt dismayed, then it faded as I realized I just needed some time to get used to the new names. My desire to hang on to the old was just some bittervet syndrome. Though I am glad the old names are still preserved through game lore in the new ship descriptions.

The Tayra, an evolution of the now-defunct Badger Mark II, focuses entirely on reaching the highest potential capacity that Caldari engineers can manage.

I was aware skills were being added and renamed but had somehow missed the changes to categories. Another thing that will take some getting used to but I think this will make it more intuitive to locate a skill or see at a glance where the character focus lies.

Spaceship Command - This remains as the old Spaceship Command group, no change here for now.

In other news: I fitted up 2 rocket Talwars for PVP and relocated to a lowsec system where I docked up since is was getting late again by the time I had gotten there.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

EVE Online: Brand New Orca

Finally having an Orca of my own feels as reaching a big milestone, like stepping into my first cruiser or battleship. The freighter has a bigger cargo but is a smaller milestone because it's just a big unfittable hauler with a single purpose. An Orca on the other hand is the first ship I own that features a ship maintenance bay and Fleet Hangar but is also my first introduction to the use of warfare/mining links.

When mining I previously used two retrievers, the introduction of the Orca increased average yield from 1350 to just below 1500 while reducing cycle time from 180 to 160 seconds.
In practice it takes me about 30 minutes to fill up the holds and empty them again. A run gives about 7m in ore which refines to 8m in minerals.

So high sec mining earns me 16m an hour using three accounts. The only benefit is that it can be combined with other activities so the low isk per hour is not much of a problem.

Though once the ice interdiction is over I will probably move to a system with an ice belt and see how it compares.That ship maintenance bay can hold two retrievers for easy transport after all.

A Ship Maintenance Bay of 400.000 m3, capable of holding a small collection of ships.
A 40k Fleet Hangar with an easy icon to toggle fleet/corp access.
A 50k Ore hold that might come in useful to move around ice blocks.
A 45k Cargo Bay that will increase to 55k at rank 4.
11,5% cycle time decrease and 25% range increase from the two links.

The fit above has 230k EHP, a travel fit orca with MWD aligns and warps in 10 seconds and still has 196k EHP.

My wallet is empty but I'm a happy man. The universe is mine! (Possibly yours as well.)