Friday, September 27, 2013

EVE Online: Rubicon winter expansion announced

The new expansion, named Rubicon, has been announced officially.
A recording of the announcement can be found at

Features announced or speculated about include:
  • Capsuleer controlled high sec customs offices - Will this affect default tax rates? Is it feasible for small alliances or corporations to control custom offices or will big coalitions swamp empire space with their poco's? Where will the solo player turn to?
  • Accelerating to warp speed will change. Bigger ship classes will be slower while smaller ships will accelerate faster and cruisers will stay as they are. So watch the direction that battleship flies off towards, follow in your interceptor and still arrive first.
  • Interceptor rebalancing, bubble immunity, perhaps warp speed adjustment? 
  • EAF rabalancing
  • Interdictor rebalancing, bubble immunity
  • Marauder rebalancing and Bastion module, (only just now noticed that the marauder bonus will change from active tank to webifier bonus for all 4 variations)
  • Sisters of Eve faction ships. Amarr (armor tank) and Gallente (drone) based with cov ops & perhaps an exploration (role) bonus. Frigate and cruiser hulls, these will also be the first T1 faction ships that get covert ops ability.
  • Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher for battleships.
  • New character login/selection screen
  • New Cert System, certificates will be organised together for ships, only has skills and no other certificates as pre-req's.
  • 4 New deployable personal structure, all are attackable and won't initiate a Concord response, just a suspect timer. I wonder just how much EHP these will have. Can I attack them solo or will they survive a small gang?
  • Siphon Unit - steal resources from star base's. deployable thing that lets you steal moon goo from POS-es but anyone can take stuff from it. How does this combine with the guns, neuting battery and scram battery on grid with the hostile Pos I want to rob? Can we do this guerilla warfare style in solo/small gang or we warp in a full fleet, reinforce the POS and basically siphon the moon empty?
  • Personal Depot - Mobile home base with storage space and something like refitting/repair services. This will have the best defences of the four deployable structures, including a reinforcement system.
  • Deployable Automatic tractor beam and looting device (won't salvage). But it will pull together all wrecks and put loot into a single cargo hold or container.
  • Deployable Temporary short range cyno jammer, disposable one time use, around a 100km range they are working on that. This won't block covert cynos
  • Integration of Twitch TV into the EVE client, no 3rd party, all integrated in the game, easier to share.
  • Expansion out on 19 Nov
He thinks customs offices might turn a big profit if you start building some now.
Custom Office Gantry BPC's sell for 30m on contract, add 45-50 isk worth of extra materials and sell for 90 million.
Is the new auto-tractor & looter accessable to anyone? Is ninja looting back?
Can I raid a moon POS? How much cargo space will these structures take up and how much can fit inside them? BLOPS drop on null sec day trips? Low sec pirate gangs stealing from big coalitions?

Evenews24 tells us interdictors are sold out in jita to speculators. perhaps interceptors will get a bump in price as well?

I can't wait to get my hands on these new Sisters of Eve ships.
Perhaps I should get off my lazy ass and build modules that these ships will surely fit.

Just a quickie.
CCP was about to hand out some priceless eve online ships though a third-party lottery (Somer Blink). The message I read between the lines is that CCP audits Somer Blink and tells us we can trust Somer blink not to scam us in any way. All those sites saying Somer is fraudulent or at least has something fishy going on can be dismissed.

I am not alone in my assumptions, I just noticed and

Why not a Red, Banana or Orange Magnate instead of gold? New ship, no big deal if that is handed out as a prize.

Why do I have to spend isk on a third-party lottery to get a chance at CCP sponsored prizes?

Perhaps I could try running SoE missions to stack LP for immediate use when the expansion arrives.

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