Sunday, July 21, 2013

EVE online: Wildfire: part 2

Mission 13: Church of the Obsidian

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.150.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby.
Granted Items: Relic Analyzer I

The Ammatar “sister” that was the source of all the information was based in a nearby cathedral called the Church of the Obsidian. Get inside that church and get something called the “Blood Obsidian Orb.” I don't know what to do with it after that, but I think that's our first step.
Take this analyzer with you, and use it on the church.

Mission 14: Heresiology

Rewards: 8.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.400.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

Something was written on the orb as well, and I want you to go find what it is. There's a tablet that goes along with the orb and supposedly tells more about its purpose. The Church of the Obsidian did not have this tablet, as far as I can tell, but I was able to decipher a code on the orb that told of the tablet's location: the ruins of an old Ammatar church.

I always inscribe the location of manuals on my artefacts as well.

Remember to use this analyzer on the area. It'll allow you to unearth anything hidden around those ruins. Good luck!
Unlike the previous mission where you don't get a minigame for activating a data analyzer for this mission you get a free relic analyzer but there are hacking minigames to be played.

In both cases I had to complete 10 minigames succesfully to get the mission item to spawn. The only loot from the hacking game was carbon, data sheets, electronic parts, hydrogen batteries, metal scraps.

I can't believe what you found among those ruins. This is a historian's dream come true. Now that we've got the Blood Obsidian Orb and the Blood Obsidian Tablet, I think we finally solve this mystery. We're very close to uncovering the secrets of the Wildfire Khumaak.
By the way: Did you notice anything strange there? I could have sworn I saw an RSS ship flying about those ruins. Weird.

Mission 15: Wildfire

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 624.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

I've been a scholar and a historian for many years now, so I know how to handle ancient relics. I will confess, though, that I was about to cut right into the middle of the Blood Obsidian Orb to see what was inside.

I was already on a mission to get the answer for you! Are you that impatient?

Yes, I was getting rather desperate for answers. Luckily, the tablet you uncovered was more than just mystical mumbo-jumbo and flowery metaphors. Rather, it was practically an instruction manual to open the orb. Spirits be praised!

I found this datacore inside the orb. According to the tablet, there's a church in this area called the Wildfire Life Chapel. Inside the chapel is something called the Book of St. Arzad.
This book must be recovered. I'm almost certain that it's in the chapel. Put the datacore in that chapel and see what comes of it.

Lots of warp disruption frigates (5 that actively did so for me), webbing as well.

Mission 16: Stillwater

Rewards: 8.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.250.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

That RSS agent showed up? That's no good. There's no telling what he'll do for the book. You have to catch him and get that book!

We need that book, and that RSS agent has it. This is my worst fear realized: Karkoti Rend was trying to get his hands on the book. The RSS claims that he was working alone, but I don't know how true that really is.

The Choice: With Great Power

After all of the trials and tribulations, we finally have the truth at our fingertips. Now it's time to dig in and find out what the Wildfire Khumaak is all about.

Mission 17: Revelation

Rewards:  25.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards:  208.000 ISK

Posmon Aubenard is a Gallente historian. If you take this book to him, I know that he will preserve it and keep it safe, possibly even put the book in the proper historical light with a best-selling book of his own in a few years. Go and give the Book of St. Arzad to him, and let him keep it safe. It's the right thing to do. Isn't it?

Mission 17: Retraction

Rewards: 10 x RSS Core Scanner Probe
Bonus Rewards: 1.250.000 ISK

This text belongs with my people. I cannot attest to how they will handle it, nor can I say for certain that they will bury it. But the right thing to do is to give it to them and not to let any outsiders take possession of it. This pains me as a historian, but it feels right as a Minmatar.

Conlusion: the minmatar arc is not fleshed out, no choices in mission path except at the very last step where you choose your reward.

Unlike the gallente epic arc I think all hostile ships paid out bounties or dropped tags in the case of Ammatar ships.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

EVE online: Wildfire: part 1

Wildfire, the Minmatar arc, begins at Arsten Takalo, member of the Brutor Tribe, found near the Brutor Tribe Community Area space beacon in the Frarn system.

Before I could start I had to grind some standings again since my minmatar alt, Duriel, had -2.55 Minmatar and 0 Brutor Tribe standing after helping my amarr alt in the past to get enough standing for Carthum Conglomerate research agents.

Wallets were reduced to 0 isk after buying an Olfei Medaillon next door in Rens.
Raziel was in a tengu, Duriel in a vargur.

Mission 1: A Demonstration

Rewards: 6.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.070.000 ISK

I met with a Brutor named Arsten Takalo. He seemed to have some real work for me, but wouldn't elaborate on it until I could prove myself. Upon his instruction, I acquired an “Olfei Medallion” and returned it to him. He seemed impressed with this, and said that if I was interested in getting started I should meet him again.

Mission 2: The Cost of Preservation

Rewards: 4.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.100.000 ISK
Collateral: 5.000.000 ISK

Now that we're past the small talk perhaps you're ready for some proper work. I guess we'll see.

It has been decided by the tribe that the return of this document (the Hauteker Memoirs) to Matari hands represents a higher priority than staying on good terms with some overprotective historian, Gallente or not. You will see to this. And before you go jumping in, there is a 5m ISK collateral to cover associated risks.

So things spiraled out of control in there. Don't stress it, Duriel Walker. You did a good thing, don't doubt it for a second.
Here's your ISK back, plus some extra as thanks. Don't blow it all away though, you'll be doing other work that requires collateral. I may be starting to respect you, but trust is a damn long way off.

Mission 3: Written by the Victors

Rewards: 4.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.330.000 ISK
Collateral: 2.500.000 ISK

Accessing the burial tomb flags the mission as complete, don't forget to loot he Wildfire Khumaak item though, it is needed

Wait, you found a Khumaak out there? What the hell is a Wildfire Khumaak? I'm dying to look at it, I admit, but we can't screw around here.

Mission 4: Glowing Embers

Rewards: 6.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.120.000 ISK
Location: Todeko, 6 jumps out.

I knew you'd say yes. Alright, here is their location, but don't waste time screwing around, they move constantly and won't be there forever.

Mission 5: From Way Above

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.070.000 ISK
Location: Todeko

Raziel Walker, you're not gonna like this. Only moments ago the Angel Cartel launched an attack on the Defiant base to recover what was taken from them. 
The Defiants have fled the camp, which has now been converted into a base of operations for the Angel's invasion fleet.

What!? I am still in the base, nothing has happened here, NPC's are still loitering around. Is that Arsten Takalo on crack or something? Well no matter, let's accept this mission and get some shit done.

We're lucky to have you working with us, now go kick their teeth in. For Muritor!

I missed some mission text here because I clicked accept before reading the full misison description. Apparantly an RSS (Republic Secret Service) agent is involved in guiding the angel pirates to the Defiants hideout.

Mission 6: Friends in High Places

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.490.000 ISK
Location: Alakgur, 8 jumps out

From first impressions, it looks like this RSS agent was working almost entirely alone on some operation involving a highly-placed Ammatar defector and the Wildfire Khumaak. The RSS people here with me are claiming they've never heard of this matter before. I'm seeing reports here to suggest that this Ammatar “sister” was a source for historical information on the Wildfire.
I don't like the name of that RSS operation though, Raziel Walker. Stillwater? That's basically the opposite of “Wildfire”. We should be careful not to trust the RSS too much on this one, I think.
In fact, I have an idea. I'll speak with you again after I've made a few arrangements with the RSS.

Mission 7: My Little Eye

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.320.000 ISK
Location: Aldrat, 10 jumps out.

In the meantime I have something else for you to do. I've made a few arrangements with the RSS and convinced them to let you continue to work on this Wildfire Khumaak business. Officially, you will be acting as the RSS liaison for the Brutor tribe.

For the most part, the Republic Security Services Corporation has not made a habit of hiring outsiders, preferring instead to stick to known, trustworthy people who have long proven their loyalty to the Minmatar cause. The one notable exception to this isolationist tendency has been the capsuleers, who are afforded much higher levels of access due to their unique capabilities.

Mission 8: Dead End Intercept

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.720.000 ISK
Location: Erstur

Mission 9: Surfacing

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards:1.370.000 ISK
Location: Jark, 11 jumps out.

Mission 10: Who Art in Heaven

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.570.000 ISK
Location: random system, 1 jump out

My next mission is to meet up with an archaeologist but of course things did not exactly go as planned.

Shit…the Cartel is here, and they're targeting the outpost. You need to act quickly. Secure the area and protect the archaeologists! 

Things were all peachy until I closed range with the outpost, then it blew up.

The outpost is down. We've lost this battle…and the Cartel knows it. I've just received word from one of their commanders; the terms of agreement for an exchange. Forget the base; it's a lost cause now, just come back to me.

Mission 11: Playing all Their Cards

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.490.000 ISK
Location: Erstur, 1 jump out

While we're having a meet, you sneak in, bypass the remaining resistance, and grab the texts that were taken. You'll need to deactivate the security firewalls, which means some hacking.

Yay, hacking.

We're counting on you, Duriel Walker, not just for the information this time, but to help us keep our reputation and morale after being dealt such a blow by those Angel bastards. The RSS is hurting right now. I need you to fire my men up. Make us proud.

Oops, you need the hacking skill at rank 3. No worries, plenty of time while you keep those pirates distracted at the conference table right?

They're stalling the negotiations. Our scouts and scanners are picking up no sign of the reinforcements they were going to bring. I'm getting the feeling we've been screwed again. Get the data and get out.

Hostiles then spawned at about 100 km range giving me time to warp in Raziel, hack the container and loot it. Afterwards I transferred the mission item at a local station.

Mission 12: History in the Making

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.620.000 ISK
Location: Tanoo, 13 jumps out.

Report to another agent for the next steps in the chain.

Friday, July 12, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: Endgame

Mission 16: Everybody has a price

This is a simple courier mission with no combat.

The Right Thing

What? You expected an ambush? Why would we do that to a trusted friend such as yourself? You did exactly what any good capsuleer would do: You chose the money over the kid's safety. Kudos to you. You'll go far in this world.

Not that I think you care, but we're not going to kill the kid. He's too useful to us. Impetus will make sure we wring as much money out of him as possible. There's a market for everything, and everybody has a price.

Agent response:
I've been in and out of this business for decades at this point. Do you know how many people I've moved? Thousands. Possibly even millions. More than I can count, anyways. And I've never been remorseful, not even once. It was all for the money, the very essence and soul of New Eden.
But I feel something now. Something uncomfortable. Is this what remorse feels like? Guilt? I don't know. I hope it was worth it. I truly do. Good luck, Gabrielle Walker. Enjoy your money. Good bye.

The reward is worth about 200 million isk.

Gabrielle standing change on turnin:
Syndicate -1.87 to -1.15

Mission 16: Safe Return

This is a combat mission although the combat part is optional.

Safe return is flagged complete when you return Ralie to his parents. Hostiles spawn but I just warped off to collect my reward. No bounties = No interest.

Agent response:
The Syndicate showed up? No way. I don't know who would have tipped them off. That's terrible. Anyway, that's it for me. Good bye.

The reward is worth a little less as the Syndicate Cloaking Device but I did the arc mostly for the standing increase it gave.

Raziel standing change on turnin:
Gallente Federation 4.37 to 4.72.

I am not sure how much loot I collected during the trip but each character ended with about 120m in wallet. During the arc I spent at least 70 million on a salvage catalyst and a hawk for the low-sec part and bought ammo several times.

In between I did one lvl 4 storyline mission with Raziel called Covering your tracks, which was a real easy and fast mission with just a few ships and no gates. Gallente standing went from 3.78 to 4.37 in one go from this. I declined a storyline offered to Gabrielle, since it was against Caldari.

Except for the drone mission at the start there are no bounties on ships, only one mission gives tags. I assume this is to prevent daily farming since the mission never expires.

After ending with 4.72 Gallente Federation it's hard to imagine I once had -4.71 standing. A complete reversal.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: The choice

Places to Hide
Mourmarie sent you? How sweet. She hadn't used me in a while, but this kidnapped kid is kinda big. That's why the Black Eagles have pros like me on the, er, team. I'm in the freight business, and I'm completely legit now, I swear. My specialty used to be in sentient biomass freight, if you catch my drift, but now I focus on moving livestock. Not nearly as profitable, but it's honest.
Trafficking kids is a tricky business. Yeah, they're small, but people have a soft spot for a sad child, so you gotta find places where nobody will notice them or care. I know a few of these places around these parts, but this is grasping at straws, really. The kid could be anywhere at this point.
Check out one of these places, and I'll send some of my friends to the others. Some eggers like you owe me favors. So take your pick.

Ascain Adeset offers me the choice:
Octomet Plantation, this mission offered to my main takes place 1 jump away in high sec.
Octomet Plantation, this mission offered to my alt takes place 3 jumps away in low sec.

Little Fingers, this mission takes place in Mesybier, the same system the agent lives in.

Oldest Profession, this mission takes place in Archavoinet, 4 jumps out on a high sec island so you have to cross low sec to get there.

I accept the Ocomet Plantation with my main and Little Fingers with my alt. Little Fingers offers only about half the reward of the other two options but takes place in high sec. Octomet is supposed to take place in low sec but I am offered a high sec choice.

Mission 12: Octoment Plantation

I warp into a room with a lot of structures and an acceleration gate at zero. I activate the gate and warp the the second room. Just some frigates and cruisers that go down easily, if in low sec this mission can easily be done with a (battle)cruiser or assault frigate.

Mission 12: Little Fingers

I warp in to see 5 battleships at about 20 kilometer away from me. After killing them three more waves spawn. The final wave consists of 4 elite cruisers that damp/neut. Killing the last one flags the mission as complete.

One frigate dropped a cargo contrainer with a tattered doll.
One battleship dropped a cargo contrainer with Amphere 9
I did not see any Carry On tokens, perhaps they drop from structures?

Mission 13: Carry On
This mission is the same again for all players. Arriving in the mission area I notice two acceleration gates. One activates and takes me to an 'alley' the other one requires the Carry On token and will warp you straight to room 3.

These are not deadspace pockets, once my main is in a pocket and at close range my alt warps straight into the middle of combat. The first room does not have an acceleration gate at first but spawns one after killing all hostile ships.

Just moving towards the structures in the final room will flag the mission complete. I only killed the frigates and cruisers I was close enough and all remaining combat ships disappeared. Some industrials remain including freighters but I did not shoot these.

Mission 14: Studio 1

Unlicensed studios are a rare breed in the Gallente Federation. With the freedoms instilled into Gallente culture, the power of expression has almost limitless boundaries with which to explore. But there's a market for everything, and warped minds require debased stimulation, a desire fulfilled by unlicensed studios such as Studio I. The underworld is sick and diseased, and this studio is more impetus for wanton depravity.

The rats at warp-in location start at range but move rapidly towards you, even the battleships go over 700 m/s. Once again there are neutralizing cruisers, this time I noticed that their range is 25 km. I kill them all and move on to the second and final room.

Lots of battleships but a speed tanked tengu can safely ignore the battleships and only has to kill the elite neutralizing cruisers.

Just kill the studio to flag the mission as complete.
At 25% armor reinforcements spawn but it's only a few frigates and some battleships that don't web, scram or do anything nasty so I just finished the structure shoot and warped out.

Mission 15: Showtime

Quite a bit of dps from just 6 hostile battleships, my megathron had to warp out very fast and didn't contribute anything at all in this fight.

A second wave is spawned, just kill the named mob and loot the container to flag the mission complete.

Turn in the mission and you are given the choice for the final mission and reward.

Mourmarie and Senator Ardanne have given me a rendezvous location for you. It's somewhere in Enedore. When you return the kid, you'll get your reward. I'll contact the Syndicate and let them know that the deal is off. I wouldn't expect them to take that lightly, though, so watch your back.
Either way, glad you got the kid back. Been nice working with you. Good luck in the future, Raziel Walker.


The Syndicate wants to meet you at a specific location. You'll drop the kid off, take the money – which I'll get a cut of, of course – and leave quietly in the night. They have a special gift for you in addition to the money. Some sort of Syndicate-issue something or other. I dunno.
Take the kid to the warehouse and drop him off. We'll get paid and leave this whole mess behind us. It'll be a happy ending for us, to be sure.

EVE online: Syndication: The High Road

Mission 7: Into the Black

Talking to the Mourmarie completes the mission.

Mission 8: Poor Man's Shakedown

After warping to the mission location you are commanded to bully some Matari by destroying structures until something happens.

After shooting some structures and killing the spawns you get the message a key has been dropped.

This key gets destroyed on gate activation so you only get one shot at the next room. Just as before you are faced with some structures to shoot to spawn some innocent Matari to shoot at.

Some of the hostile cruisers use energy neutralizers but they didn't really have much effect before I killed them. After killing The Elder you get the message below and can return to your agent, Mourmarie Mone, to turn in the mission.

Obviously immortal capsuleers are not big on ethics. Or perhaps it's just that I didn't have much choice in the matter if I want to proceed in a linear mission. After all I was just obeying orders shooting at anthropomorphic pixels.

Mission 9: Underground Circus

Two rooms later I have the ringmaster in my cargo and decide that refitting to blasters wasn't such a good idea after all since my tengu just solo-ed the mission since the Megathron has to warp out because of low armor by the time it closes range.

Mission 11: Intaki Chase

On warpin I am confronted again by someone begging for mercy. Really? Is this game trying to make me feel guilty for shooting at pixels? Well my orders are to DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT until I get the information I need.

Either you have to destroy all structures or the Intaki Settlement Control Tower is the trigger that spawns the next step.

After you kill several waves of battleships the mission is flagged as complete. Perhaps the information I was after was just an admission of guilt?
After I destroyed everything those Intaki threatened the kid.So they probably know something and were guilty after all. I can feel less guilty now for being a sociopath mass murdering mercenary.

Mission 11: Rat in a corner

Talking to Ascain will complete the mission.

After this the high and low road meet again.

Monday, July 8, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: The Low Road

Mission 7: Outside the Scope

My first step is to return to Dodixie and fit up a hawk, taking my PVE tengu into unscouted low is just asking for a lossmail. My hawk is dual MASB fit for survivability which means I am a bit tight for cpu.

I travel to Vitrauze, dock up in station after checking Dscan is clear, quickly talk to Veine and undock again as fast as I can after checking to see if there is anyone docked. Nobody appeared on undock in a ship capable of instapopping my hawk in the time I was in station so I burn straight down and make some undock bookmarks so that next time I don't have to fear docking up in this station.

Mission 8: Hidden Camera

I move to the mission area where there are just some small frigates to kill, after I acquire the gate key (The Destabilizer Datacore ) I activate the gate, move to the objective and realize I left my Covert Recording Device back in Vitrauze.


Quickly I return to Vitrauze, say hello again to the one person in local. (Dscan shows a stabber and some clone soldier wrecks so I accused him of belt ratting, he confessed.) I pick up the Recording Device and return to the mission area only to find out that the gate key was a one time only device.


So I create a support ticket to ask if I just screwed up my epic arc since you can't even abandon the mission. Afterwards I realize I could wait until downtime for the mission area to reset but don't cancel the ticket. I decide to take a break and when I return after dinner I see a helpful GM canceled my mission so I can accept it again.

This time its in low sec though and not in high. Fortunately for me the mission takes place in Onne, an empty system.

Mission 9: Rendezvous

This mission features more cruisers and frigates as the previous one but nothing that puts out a lot of dps. Only the occasional pulse of my MASB is needed to keep my shields topped off.

Local remains almost empty with only two other players at most and only one of them has a negative security status. I see a cyclone on Dscan but without probes he is not going to find me. After killing all the rats I get a message from my agent.

My light missile hawk with no ballistic control doesn't really put out a lot of dps but since local remains calm I do as well and consign myself to some structure shooting.
Next time I might just try this mission with a cruiser to increase the speed a bit.

Mission 10: Handoff

This is a simple courier mission but still rewards 10 million isk.
After delivery I am contacted again by Mourmarie, the agent that sent me here in the first place.

Mission 11: With Authority

After turning in the last mission I am sent back to high sec again to report to another agent.
Before I go there however, I make a stop to do a single level 4 storyline mission. Gabrielle has been offered one as well but I decline that one since it's against Caldari.

Raziel jumps from 3.78 to 4.37 Gallente standing while my standing with the Caldari drops to 4.1.
Hard to believe I once was at -4.71 to Gallente and 8.66 with Caldari.

EVE online: Syndication: Part 2

Mission 4: Averon Exchange

A simple combat mission against 3 waves of Minmatar ships. The first wave has a lot of webbing frigates that spawn right on top of you if you don't warp in at range.

Mission 5: A Different Kind of Director

 Just talking to Eron Viette will complete the mission.

Mission 6: Assistance

Since those minmatar ships like to close to point blank range where my railguns don't track I refitted my Navy Megathron to Neutron Blasters but even with my increased dps output I had to warp off my Megahtron once. 12 Mercenary Overlord battleships put out a lot of dps.

The High or Low Road

After completing the mission you are offered a choice between two missions:

Usually I would take the high sec option but with two characters I could of course take both routes.

EVE online: Syndication: Part 1

Syndication, the Gallente arc, starts with Roineron Aviviere, Impetus agent, in Dodixie.
Since this mission can be accepted remotely you should set out for Tolle before accepting.

Mission 1: Impetus

Just talking to Gian Parel will complete the mission.

Mission 2: The Tolle Scar

This is a straight combat mission against some drones. The warp-in appears clear with a gate at 30 or so, as you approach the gate some drones will spawn. I believe the mission will be flagged complete when you kill the most distant drone in the second room, I didn't have to clear everything.

It took me about 15 minutes to do this mission using my Tengu (HAM fit) and Navy Megathron (Railguns and T1 sentry drones ). Another 15 minutes to do the same mission with my alt.

Mission 3: Priority One

Nothing to see on warpin, about 30 km to acceleration gate.
In the second room you arrive about 40 from the next gate on warpin. A gallente civilian shuttle disappears to the next room after asking for protection.
Some minmatar forces spawn that don't have bounties but drop tags.

You have to salvage a container as apart of the mission so have a salvager on your ship or have a salvager ready. There were no salvagers for sale within 5 jumps of Aydoteaux so I flew back to Dodixie and fitted up a salvaging catalyst.
I spent more isk on the catalyst as my alt had made so far. Perhaps I shouldn't automatically fit tech2 when T1 will do?

Including looting and salvaging all wrecks, flying to Dodixie for a salvaging ship and doing this mission twice I spent about an hour on this mission.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

EVE online: Ending the Impetus grind

After downtime I am still not done with the storyline so I jump into my caracal once more, accept the next mission (8 of 10) and warp to the lowsec system where it takes place.

The system is empty when I enter but as I warp to the mission site someone with a negative security status appears in local. I jettison some ammo at warp-in, move towards the red crosses and start shooting.

Before long I see probes and a legion on Dscan but before anything appears on grid I pop the rat that flags the mission as complete and warp out.

The final part comes up. The reward will be  1 x Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Medium Projectile Turret MP-805, worth about 40 million isk and a 1 million isk bonus. The mission objective is a structure that also drops a basic +3 implant.

At the same time my alt finishes the courier missions accepted before downtime.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 4 of 5).
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (1 of 5), 1 m3, 1 jump, 21k + 25 LP and 25k bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 5 of 5), a kill mission against a defenseless ship. 27k + 23 LP and a 26k bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (2 of 5), this is a mission to pick up a doll in space.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (3 of 5), this is a mission to pick up 4 dolls in space. 32k + 40 LP, 46 bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (4 of 5), a mining mission. 101k + 118 LP, 124k bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (5 of 5), a kill mission. 30k + 36 LP, 41k bonus.

Completion of the final Kidnappers Strike storyline puts Raziel at 5.53 Impetus standing.

As storyline mission rewards are not shared among fleet members my gallente alt still has some missions left to do.

Crooked Cop, 186k + 706 LP and 246k bonus.
Pick Your Poison, 476k + 1625 LP and 473k bonus.
Stop the Thief, 192k + 597 LP and 203k bonus.
No Excuses, 240k + 943 LP and 275k bonus.

After this I am offered two missions in a row against the Amarr and Caldari empire.
Since Raziel now has a standing of 5 with Impetus I decide to move to Azhgabid instead to do some level 4 missions to get Gabrielle's standing up to 5 as well.

In Azhgabid I get offered and run:
Silence the Informant, 1.060.000 isk, 5702 LP and 1.100.000 bonus.
The Assault, 1.370.000 isk, 6250 LP and 1.250.000 bonus.
Smuggler interception, 1.010.000 isk, 4893 LP and 1.090.000 bonus.
Buzz Kill, 1.440.000 isk, 5790 LP and 1.210.000 bonus.
The Score, 1.140.000 isk, 5421 LP, 1.200.000 bonus.
Rogue Drone Harassment, 790.000, 3634 LP, 773.000 bonus.
The Score, 1.250.000 isk, 5421 LP, 1.330.000 bonus.
Unauthorized Military Presence, 941.000 isk, 3846 LP and 821.000 bonus.
Damsel in Distress 797.000 isk, 4398 LP and 828.000 bonus.

After this I have the standings necessary to begin the first epic mission arc.
Impetus Standings are now Raziel 6.73, Gabrielle 5.21

Both characters had 8480 LP with Impetus before starting the level 4 missions and ended with about 30k LP each. With the LP collected for Impetus so far I decide to do some shopping:

2 x Memory Augmentation - Basic.

4 x Poteque 'Prospector' Environmental Analysis EY-1005 which gives a 5% reduction in cycle time of salvage, hacking and archeology modules. (Haven't those been renamed to data and relic analyzers?) But more importantly these add 5 seconds to the decay time of all scattered containers.

After this I take a much needed break before planning the start of what I hope is an epic adventure.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

EVE online: Impetus

This morning I got up to continue the grind for a 5+ standing with Impetus.
Mission rewards below are copied from the mission offer so are for one person.

Raziel gets offered and completes:
Gurista Extravaganza, in 0.7 sec, 737k + 2752 LP and  883k bonus.
Unauthorized Military Presence, in 0.5 sec, 371k + 1137 LP and 404k bonus.

After this I received a storyline mission, Kidnappers Strike - Ambush in the dark (1 of 10)
Usually I would decline a mission like this even though it was a storyline. That it is a 10-parter doesn't bother me, that it starts in low sec does.

While I spent an hour traveling to Jita and fitting up a caracal that is a bit more expendable as my tengu I run some missions with my alt.

Unauthorized Military Presence, in 0.5 sec, 388k + 812 LP and 283k bonus.
Mannar Mining Colony, in 0.6 sec, 176k + 393 LP and 137k bonus.
Rogue Drone Harassment, in 0.5 sec, 527k + 1011 LP and 393k bonus.
Down with the Legion, in 0.4 sec, 385k + 1063 LP and 462k bonus.
Stop the Thief, in 0.4 sec, 186k + 426 LP and 15k1 bonus.

After this I am offered a second mission against Amarr in 4 hours time so I decide to switch and accept some lvl 1 and 2 courier missions. The reason being that the nearest other Impetus security division agent is 15 jumps out.

lvl 2, Hunger Strikes, 280 m3, 4 jumps. 32k + 53 LP and 34k bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (1 of 5), 1 m3, 1 jump, 21k + 25 LP and 25k bonus.
lvl 2, Marriage, 200 m3, 0 jumps, 34k + 52 LP and 38k bonus.
lvl 2, Tourists, 250 m3 0 jumps, 35k + 30 LP and 31k bonus.
lvl 1, Beefing Up, 400 m3, 0 jumps, 39k + 52 LP and 37k bonus.
lvl 2, Move the Goods, 100 m3, 0 jumps, 30k + 28 LP and 28 bonus.
lvl 1, Wee Bug Problem, 420 m3, 1 jump, 37k + 57 LP and 35k bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 1 of 5), 0.0 m3, 1 jump, 28k + 27 LP and 23k bonus.
lvl 1, Homeless People Everywhere, 120 m3, 2 jumps, 25k + 23 LP and 19 bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 2 of 5), 1 m3, 1 jump, 15k + 14 LP and 15k bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 3 of 5), this is a mining mission, 320 m3, 58k + 66 LP and 53k bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 4 of 5).

After this downtime strikes.

My standings with Impetus are now 3.11 (unmodifed it's 1,8, both my characters have connections 4 ).

EVE online: Getting ready for Epic Mission Arcs

There are 7 epic mission arcs, a level 1 arc called 'The Blood-Stained Stars' featuring the Sisters of Eve, a level 4 epic mission for each empire faction and  two level 3 pirate arcs for the Angel and Gurista factions.

In the past I have completed Penumbra and The Blood-Stained Stars but now I am planning to complete all four empire arcs. And I am going to complete them all with the same character.

To start one of the arcs you need 5 standing with either the faction or corporation that starts the chain. Standings I do not have at this time.

Raziel has the following standings:
Gallente Federation 3.33
Federation Navy 7.35
Impetus 0.0

Gabrielle, my gallente alt has:
Gallente Federation 1.76
Federation Navy 4.52
Impetus 0.0

To start I have Gabrielle do some datacenter missions and then turn in about 25 million isk worth in serpentis dog tags, making my alt standings:
Gallente Federation 3.29
Federation Navy 6.69
Impetus 0.0

The goal of turning in dog tags and doing the datacenter missions is to increase standing with the Gallente Federation to at least 3 so I can then accept level 3 (Impetus) missions.

While my alt is busy with the datacenter missions my main locates an Impetus agent and runs a few lvl 3 missions. As I am fleeted the rewards for the three missions are split so the reward below is just half the mission reward and bonus.

The Black Market Hub x2
291k reward + 273k bonus in 0.5 sec system.
267k reward + 229k bonus in 0.7 sec system.

Rogue Drone Harassment x1
245k reward + 198,5l bonus.

End standings:
Raziel: Impetus 1.98 (0.45)
Gabrielle: Impetus 1.98 (0.45)

Had I just started out running lvl 1 missions for Impetus I probably would have had higher Impetus standing by now.