Monday, July 8, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: The Low Road

Mission 7: Outside the Scope

My first step is to return to Dodixie and fit up a hawk, taking my PVE tengu into unscouted low is just asking for a lossmail. My hawk is dual MASB fit for survivability which means I am a bit tight for cpu.

I travel to Vitrauze, dock up in station after checking Dscan is clear, quickly talk to Veine and undock again as fast as I can after checking to see if there is anyone docked. Nobody appeared on undock in a ship capable of instapopping my hawk in the time I was in station so I burn straight down and make some undock bookmarks so that next time I don't have to fear docking up in this station.

Mission 8: Hidden Camera

I move to the mission area where there are just some small frigates to kill, after I acquire the gate key (The Destabilizer Datacore ) I activate the gate, move to the objective and realize I left my Covert Recording Device back in Vitrauze.


Quickly I return to Vitrauze, say hello again to the one person in local. (Dscan shows a stabber and some clone soldier wrecks so I accused him of belt ratting, he confessed.) I pick up the Recording Device and return to the mission area only to find out that the gate key was a one time only device.


So I create a support ticket to ask if I just screwed up my epic arc since you can't even abandon the mission. Afterwards I realize I could wait until downtime for the mission area to reset but don't cancel the ticket. I decide to take a break and when I return after dinner I see a helpful GM canceled my mission so I can accept it again.

This time its in low sec though and not in high. Fortunately for me the mission takes place in Onne, an empty system.

Mission 9: Rendezvous

This mission features more cruisers and frigates as the previous one but nothing that puts out a lot of dps. Only the occasional pulse of my MASB is needed to keep my shields topped off.

Local remains almost empty with only two other players at most and only one of them has a negative security status. I see a cyclone on Dscan but without probes he is not going to find me. After killing all the rats I get a message from my agent.

My light missile hawk with no ballistic control doesn't really put out a lot of dps but since local remains calm I do as well and consign myself to some structure shooting.
Next time I might just try this mission with a cruiser to increase the speed a bit.

Mission 10: Handoff

This is a simple courier mission but still rewards 10 million isk.
After delivery I am contacted again by Mourmarie, the agent that sent me here in the first place.

Mission 11: With Authority

After turning in the last mission I am sent back to high sec again to report to another agent.
Before I go there however, I make a stop to do a single level 4 storyline mission. Gabrielle has been offered one as well but I decline that one since it's against Caldari.

Raziel jumps from 3.78 to 4.37 Gallente standing while my standing with the Caldari drops to 4.1.
Hard to believe I once was at -4.71 to Gallente and 8.66 with Caldari.

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