Tuesday, July 9, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: The High Road

Mission 7: Into the Black

Talking to the Mourmarie completes the mission.

Mission 8: Poor Man's Shakedown

After warping to the mission location you are commanded to bully some Matari by destroying structures until something happens.

After shooting some structures and killing the spawns you get the message a key has been dropped.

This key gets destroyed on gate activation so you only get one shot at the next room. Just as before you are faced with some structures to shoot to spawn some innocent Matari to shoot at.

Some of the hostile cruisers use energy neutralizers but they didn't really have much effect before I killed them. After killing The Elder you get the message below and can return to your agent, Mourmarie Mone, to turn in the mission.

Obviously immortal capsuleers are not big on ethics. Or perhaps it's just that I didn't have much choice in the matter if I want to proceed in a linear mission. After all I was just obeying orders shooting at anthropomorphic pixels.

Mission 9: Underground Circus

Two rooms later I have the ringmaster in my cargo and decide that refitting to blasters wasn't such a good idea after all since my tengu just solo-ed the mission since the Megathron has to warp out because of low armor by the time it closes range.

Mission 11: Intaki Chase

On warpin I am confronted again by someone begging for mercy. Really? Is this game trying to make me feel guilty for shooting at pixels? Well my orders are to DESTROY EVERYTHING IN SIGHT until I get the information I need.

Either you have to destroy all structures or the Intaki Settlement Control Tower is the trigger that spawns the next step.

After you kill several waves of battleships the mission is flagged as complete. Perhaps the information I was after was just an admission of guilt?
After I destroyed everything those Intaki threatened the kid.So they probably know something and were guilty after all. I can feel less guilty now for being a sociopath mass murdering mercenary.

Mission 11: Rat in a corner

Talking to Ascain will complete the mission.

After this the high and low road meet again.

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