Saturday, June 29, 2013

EVE online: T1 Industrial revamp: round 2

After player feedback CCP has come up with new plans for the T1 industrial revamp.

The Sigil will have the most HP.
The Wreathe will be the fastest.
The Iteron will be the best allround and feature a drone bay of 30m3 and 15 mbit bandwidth.
The Badger will have the most base and potential cargo (of the fast/tanky haulers), maximum cargo space will be just below 20k m3. It also has 2 high slots, with 1 turret and 1 launcher hardpoint.

All four of the above will also have their base warp speed increased to 6 AU/s.

The Bestower will have the most potential cargo.
The Badger Mark II will have the most base cargo and a launcher hardpoint.
The Mammoth will have the best travel time among the cargo role.
The Iteron Mark V will be an average ship.

All industrials will get at least 2 high slots. The hoarder will get 3 of which 2 will be turret hardpoints.

The Gallente will remain the best race to train industrial for because the Iteron II, III, IV remain Gallente instead of moving to ORE.

The Iteron Mark II will get a mineral bay (43k m3 +10% per level)
The Iteron Mark III will get a PI bay (45k m3 +10% per level)
The Iteron Mark IV will get an ore (includes gas/ice) bay (42k m3 +10% per level)
They will all get the same 2H, 4M, 4L slot layout.

The Hoarder will get an ammo bay (41k m3 +10% per level)
The ammo bay can contain anything from the charge group like ammunition, cap boosters and bombs.

CCP Rise warned us not to expect a third round of changes. I will try out the specialized haulers but I think the cargo at that those volumes is worth too much for me to risk moving in a tech1 hauler.
But if you can't fly a tech2 hauler, freighter or Orca your life may become just a little bit easier.

Do you feel the specialized ships should remain with their respective races or should they move to ORE or an alternative?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

EVE online: T1 Industrial revamp

In CCP Rise tells us about plans to reduce the number of useful T1 industrials per faction to two.

One version for cargo and another version that is both fast and tanky. Some players propose three industrials per faction splitting the fast and tanky in fast or tanky.

One reason for sticking to only two version could be the Tech2 variations. By giving a T1 that is fast and tanky (but not excessively so) you open up the option for more as two specialized T2 versions that are either very fast or very tanky or have the biggest cargo ( or ship/ore) hold.

It's easy to understand why someone would fly the max cargo version. It's also easy to understand why someone would fly the fast and tanky version. But with three versions, when would you fly the tanky version and when the fast version?
Since they are tech1 industrials I wouldn't really call them either fast or tanky, although perhaps I am spoiled by flying Tech2 industrials and the effects of skills and fitting.

At first I thought three versions would give more options but looking at the stats I don't think I would ever choose a tanky version over the fast variation. Tech1 haulers simply don't have the EHP to be called tanky.

To get a tanky hauler they need to buff the EHP to levels between that of a skiff and orca, something in the range of 30-80k EHP at least. And with those numbers you are getting into Tech2 territory.

Another players suggested that each race can have unique ships because of the ease with which you can train for other races. My issue would be that you still need the industrial at rank 5 to gain access to the Tech2 version.
Another problem might be more lore-wise. Do you really think that empire factions/corporations would just allow one Gallente model to monopolize the market without offering their own Itty V variation for sale?

Mammoth POC by surlybadger42

The proposed new statistics: fast and tanky.
Base cargo capacity would be about 3000 m3 unfitted and 20.000 m3 with a max cargo fit.

The Sigil, Badger, Wreathe and Iteron will get a second high slot if they didn't have one already, so all you wormhole fans can now fit a cloak and probe launcher.

They all get enough PG to fit a MWD and except for the sigil that gets 4 mid and 6 low slots they all get 5 mid and 5 low slots.

The proposed new statistics: max cargo.
Base cargo capacity would be about 6000 m3 unfitted and over 35.000 m3 with a max cargo fit.

These ships are all reduced to one high slot.

All other stats are basically worse as their fast and tanky counterparts. Align times, mass, EHP, signature radius. They do have the same 10 combined low and mid slots though.

The proposed new statistics: the leftovers.
Didn't want those Iteron's anyway.

Let me end with the statement that I want to keep the mammoth as biggest minmatar hauler. If I can keep only two tech1 minmatar industrials it will be the mammoth first and while I don't care much about hoarder vs wreathe I would prefer to keep the wreathe in a useful role over the hoarder.

How do you feel about these proposed changes?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EVE online: Small stuff

"Basically anomalies are now the same as any celestial, they just don't show up in the OV list".
I came upon this when reading

This reminded me of some other comments I read that CCP would like to totally revamp or get rid of the overview.

Ice belts have been removed from the overview and can now be found using the system scanner on your ship. Perhaps this is just the first step of replacing the overview with a system or directional scanner?


Why can't I use real tractor beams for those data/relic sites?


Burn Jita 2 (yes it's a bit late)

I knew it was coming but on the day itself I had totally forgotten about it.
When I was unable to log on to my freighter alt because Jita was full I remembered it might be a bad idea to undock a freighter the next 24 hours or so. Instead I put 1.5 billion isk of salvage into a rattlesnake with with max tank (it had about 200k EHP.) and warped off with that.


This week was the first time I used the safe logoff feature.
It makes me feel safe when logging off in space.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EVE online: First Odyssey impressions

First impression of Odyssey is positive. The undocking and stargate jumping is more immersive and the new overlay effect just begs me to explore those new signatures that show up on scan.

I undocked in an Algos and warped to a gurista site just as a vexor cleared away the last two rats, decided to switch to a retriever and warped to an Average  Hemorphite, Jaspet and Kernite Deposit to mine away the last three rocks with two other miners.

Before that I also undocked my Apocalypse for a quick lvl 4 mission. Didn't really get to see any real changes because all I shot was 4 cans. It gained a big tracking bonus but even before the expansion it already tracked way better as my railfit Megathron that puts out similar dps with antimatter with the same 64 km optimal.
Apocalypse with Mega Pulse Laser II and scorch has 0,0411 rad/sec tracking speed
(also about 500 dps with 58,5 km optimal and 1,6 falloff) This means 0,029 rad/sec tracking before Odyssey. 
Megathron Navy Issue with 425mm Railgun II with antimatter has 0,016 rad/sec tracking speed
(also about 550 dps with 36 km optimal and 28,8 falloff.)

That was the 16th lvl 4 mission so triggered a storyline mission. After some quick courier work my two alts now both have 6.69 or better standing with the Caldari Navy and get a perfect refine in their stations. One character has a 100% refine, the other a 90,5% with refining 4.
It's likely I will go on to get 8 standing for the ability to make jump clones in caldari space. And I get to fly some more of the rebalanced battleships while at it.

How many missions are run each month by players and how are those divided among level 1,2,3,4 and 5? Are those statistics available anywhere?