Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EVE online: Small stuff

"Basically anomalies are now the same as any celestial, they just don't show up in the OV list".
I came upon this when reading

This reminded me of some other comments I read that CCP would like to totally revamp or get rid of the overview.

Ice belts have been removed from the overview and can now be found using the system scanner on your ship. Perhaps this is just the first step of replacing the overview with a system or directional scanner?


Why can't I use real tractor beams for those data/relic sites?


Burn Jita 2 (yes it's a bit late)

I knew it was coming but on the day itself I had totally forgotten about it.
When I was unable to log on to my freighter alt because Jita was full I remembered it might be a bad idea to undock a freighter the next 24 hours or so. Instead I put 1.5 billion isk of salvage into a rattlesnake with with max tank (it had about 200k EHP.) and warped off with that.


This week was the first time I used the safe logoff feature.
It makes me feel safe when logging off in space.

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