Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EVE online: First Odyssey impressions

First impression of Odyssey is positive. The undocking and stargate jumping is more immersive and the new overlay effect just begs me to explore those new signatures that show up on scan.

I undocked in an Algos and warped to a gurista site just as a vexor cleared away the last two rats, decided to switch to a retriever and warped to an Average  Hemorphite, Jaspet and Kernite Deposit to mine away the last three rocks with two other miners.

Before that I also undocked my Apocalypse for a quick lvl 4 mission. Didn't really get to see any real changes because all I shot was 4 cans. It gained a big tracking bonus but even before the expansion it already tracked way better as my railfit Megathron that puts out similar dps with antimatter with the same 64 km optimal.
Apocalypse with Mega Pulse Laser II and scorch has 0,0411 rad/sec tracking speed
(also about 500 dps with 58,5 km optimal and 1,6 falloff) This means 0,029 rad/sec tracking before Odyssey. 
Megathron Navy Issue with 425mm Railgun II with antimatter has 0,016 rad/sec tracking speed
(also about 550 dps with 36 km optimal and 28,8 falloff.)

That was the 16th lvl 4 mission so triggered a storyline mission. After some quick courier work my two alts now both have 6.69 or better standing with the Caldari Navy and get a perfect refine in their stations. One character has a 100% refine, the other a 90,5% with refining 4.
It's likely I will go on to get 8 standing for the ability to make jump clones in caldari space. And I get to fly some more of the rebalanced battleships while at it.

How many missions are run each month by players and how are those divided among level 1,2,3,4 and 5? Are those statistics available anywhere?

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