Thursday, June 20, 2013

EVE online: T1 Industrial revamp

In CCP Rise tells us about plans to reduce the number of useful T1 industrials per faction to two.

One version for cargo and another version that is both fast and tanky. Some players propose three industrials per faction splitting the fast and tanky in fast or tanky.

One reason for sticking to only two version could be the Tech2 variations. By giving a T1 that is fast and tanky (but not excessively so) you open up the option for more as two specialized T2 versions that are either very fast or very tanky or have the biggest cargo ( or ship/ore) hold.

It's easy to understand why someone would fly the max cargo version. It's also easy to understand why someone would fly the fast and tanky version. But with three versions, when would you fly the tanky version and when the fast version?
Since they are tech1 industrials I wouldn't really call them either fast or tanky, although perhaps I am spoiled by flying Tech2 industrials and the effects of skills and fitting.

At first I thought three versions would give more options but looking at the stats I don't think I would ever choose a tanky version over the fast variation. Tech1 haulers simply don't have the EHP to be called tanky.

To get a tanky hauler they need to buff the EHP to levels between that of a skiff and orca, something in the range of 30-80k EHP at least. And with those numbers you are getting into Tech2 territory.

Another players suggested that each race can have unique ships because of the ease with which you can train for other races. My issue would be that you still need the industrial at rank 5 to gain access to the Tech2 version.
Another problem might be more lore-wise. Do you really think that empire factions/corporations would just allow one Gallente model to monopolize the market without offering their own Itty V variation for sale?

Mammoth POC by surlybadger42

The proposed new statistics: fast and tanky.
Base cargo capacity would be about 3000 m3 unfitted and 20.000 m3 with a max cargo fit.

The Sigil, Badger, Wreathe and Iteron will get a second high slot if they didn't have one already, so all you wormhole fans can now fit a cloak and probe launcher.

They all get enough PG to fit a MWD and except for the sigil that gets 4 mid and 6 low slots they all get 5 mid and 5 low slots.

The proposed new statistics: max cargo.
Base cargo capacity would be about 6000 m3 unfitted and over 35.000 m3 with a max cargo fit.

These ships are all reduced to one high slot.

All other stats are basically worse as their fast and tanky counterparts. Align times, mass, EHP, signature radius. They do have the same 10 combined low and mid slots though.

The proposed new statistics: the leftovers.
Didn't want those Iteron's anyway.

Let me end with the statement that I want to keep the mammoth as biggest minmatar hauler. If I can keep only two tech1 minmatar industrials it will be the mammoth first and while I don't care much about hoarder vs wreathe I would prefer to keep the wreathe in a useful role over the hoarder.

How do you feel about these proposed changes?

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