Saturday, March 19, 2016

Still alive

Still alive, brought back by expiring accounts and skill extractors.

Logged in to vote for the CSM as well. Was not going to but saw Joffy Aulx-Gao online so decided to vote and show my support.

Since I could still vote with 3 accounts I voted:
Account 1: Joffy, Foo, Gorski, Nash
Account 2: Joffy, Gorski, Gorski, Nash
Account 3: Foo, Joffy, Gorski, Nash

As I downsized to two accounts I also took the opportunity to lobotomize unused skills from my alts turning those skillpoints into 30 PLEX and 30 billion isk.

Another alt was injected with a skill injecter to instantly give him armor rigging skills to fit bulkheads.

Still waiting for EVE to introduce free-to-play with accounts that simply don't train skillpoints.