Saturday, June 29, 2013

EVE online: T1 Industrial revamp: round 2

After player feedback CCP has come up with new plans for the T1 industrial revamp.

The Sigil will have the most HP.
The Wreathe will be the fastest.
The Iteron will be the best allround and feature a drone bay of 30m3 and 15 mbit bandwidth.
The Badger will have the most base and potential cargo (of the fast/tanky haulers), maximum cargo space will be just below 20k m3. It also has 2 high slots, with 1 turret and 1 launcher hardpoint.

All four of the above will also have their base warp speed increased to 6 AU/s.

The Bestower will have the most potential cargo.
The Badger Mark II will have the most base cargo and a launcher hardpoint.
The Mammoth will have the best travel time among the cargo role.
The Iteron Mark V will be an average ship.

All industrials will get at least 2 high slots. The hoarder will get 3 of which 2 will be turret hardpoints.

The Gallente will remain the best race to train industrial for because the Iteron II, III, IV remain Gallente instead of moving to ORE.

The Iteron Mark II will get a mineral bay (43k m3 +10% per level)
The Iteron Mark III will get a PI bay (45k m3 +10% per level)
The Iteron Mark IV will get an ore (includes gas/ice) bay (42k m3 +10% per level)
They will all get the same 2H, 4M, 4L slot layout.

The Hoarder will get an ammo bay (41k m3 +10% per level)
The ammo bay can contain anything from the charge group like ammunition, cap boosters and bombs.

CCP Rise warned us not to expect a third round of changes. I will try out the specialized haulers but I think the cargo at that those volumes is worth too much for me to risk moving in a tech1 hauler.
But if you can't fly a tech2 hauler, freighter or Orca your life may become just a little bit easier.

Do you feel the specialized ships should remain with their respective races or should they move to ORE or an alternative?

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