Saturday, July 6, 2013

EVE online: Getting ready for Epic Mission Arcs

There are 7 epic mission arcs, a level 1 arc called 'The Blood-Stained Stars' featuring the Sisters of Eve, a level 4 epic mission for each empire faction and  two level 3 pirate arcs for the Angel and Gurista factions.

In the past I have completed Penumbra and The Blood-Stained Stars but now I am planning to complete all four empire arcs. And I am going to complete them all with the same character.

To start one of the arcs you need 5 standing with either the faction or corporation that starts the chain. Standings I do not have at this time.

Raziel has the following standings:
Gallente Federation 3.33
Federation Navy 7.35
Impetus 0.0

Gabrielle, my gallente alt has:
Gallente Federation 1.76
Federation Navy 4.52
Impetus 0.0

To start I have Gabrielle do some datacenter missions and then turn in about 25 million isk worth in serpentis dog tags, making my alt standings:
Gallente Federation 3.29
Federation Navy 6.69
Impetus 0.0

The goal of turning in dog tags and doing the datacenter missions is to increase standing with the Gallente Federation to at least 3 so I can then accept level 3 (Impetus) missions.

While my alt is busy with the datacenter missions my main locates an Impetus agent and runs a few lvl 3 missions. As I am fleeted the rewards for the three missions are split so the reward below is just half the mission reward and bonus.

The Black Market Hub x2
291k reward + 273k bonus in 0.5 sec system.
267k reward + 229k bonus in 0.7 sec system.

Rogue Drone Harassment x1
245k reward + 198,5l bonus.

End standings:
Raziel: Impetus 1.98 (0.45)
Gabrielle: Impetus 1.98 (0.45)

Had I just started out running lvl 1 missions for Impetus I probably would have had higher Impetus standing by now.

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