Monday, July 8, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: Part 1

Syndication, the Gallente arc, starts with Roineron Aviviere, Impetus agent, in Dodixie.
Since this mission can be accepted remotely you should set out for Tolle before accepting.

Mission 1: Impetus

Just talking to Gian Parel will complete the mission.

Mission 2: The Tolle Scar

This is a straight combat mission against some drones. The warp-in appears clear with a gate at 30 or so, as you approach the gate some drones will spawn. I believe the mission will be flagged complete when you kill the most distant drone in the second room, I didn't have to clear everything.

It took me about 15 minutes to do this mission using my Tengu (HAM fit) and Navy Megathron (Railguns and T1 sentry drones ). Another 15 minutes to do the same mission with my alt.

Mission 3: Priority One

Nothing to see on warpin, about 30 km to acceleration gate.
In the second room you arrive about 40 from the next gate on warpin. A gallente civilian shuttle disappears to the next room after asking for protection.
Some minmatar forces spawn that don't have bounties but drop tags.

You have to salvage a container as apart of the mission so have a salvager on your ship or have a salvager ready. There were no salvagers for sale within 5 jumps of Aydoteaux so I flew back to Dodixie and fitted up a salvaging catalyst.
I spent more isk on the catalyst as my alt had made so far. Perhaps I shouldn't automatically fit tech2 when T1 will do?

Including looting and salvaging all wrecks, flying to Dodixie for a salvaging ship and doing this mission twice I spent about an hour on this mission.

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