Tuesday, July 9, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: The choice

Places to Hide
Mourmarie sent you? How sweet. She hadn't used me in a while, but this kidnapped kid is kinda big. That's why the Black Eagles have pros like me on the, er, team. I'm in the freight business, and I'm completely legit now, I swear. My specialty used to be in sentient biomass freight, if you catch my drift, but now I focus on moving livestock. Not nearly as profitable, but it's honest.
Trafficking kids is a tricky business. Yeah, they're small, but people have a soft spot for a sad child, so you gotta find places where nobody will notice them or care. I know a few of these places around these parts, but this is grasping at straws, really. The kid could be anywhere at this point.
Check out one of these places, and I'll send some of my friends to the others. Some eggers like you owe me favors. So take your pick.

Ascain Adeset offers me the choice:
Octomet Plantation, this mission offered to my main takes place 1 jump away in high sec.
Octomet Plantation, this mission offered to my alt takes place 3 jumps away in low sec.

Little Fingers, this mission takes place in Mesybier, the same system the agent lives in.

Oldest Profession, this mission takes place in Archavoinet, 4 jumps out on a high sec island so you have to cross low sec to get there.

I accept the Ocomet Plantation with my main and Little Fingers with my alt. Little Fingers offers only about half the reward of the other two options but takes place in high sec. Octomet is supposed to take place in low sec but I am offered a high sec choice.

Mission 12: Octoment Plantation

I warp into a room with a lot of structures and an acceleration gate at zero. I activate the gate and warp the the second room. Just some frigates and cruisers that go down easily, if in low sec this mission can easily be done with a (battle)cruiser or assault frigate.

Mission 12: Little Fingers

I warp in to see 5 battleships at about 20 kilometer away from me. After killing them three more waves spawn. The final wave consists of 4 elite cruisers that damp/neut. Killing the last one flags the mission as complete.

One frigate dropped a cargo contrainer with a tattered doll.
One battleship dropped a cargo contrainer with Amphere 9
I did not see any Carry On tokens, perhaps they drop from structures?

Mission 13: Carry On
This mission is the same again for all players. Arriving in the mission area I notice two acceleration gates. One activates and takes me to an 'alley' the other one requires the Carry On token and will warp you straight to room 3.

These are not deadspace pockets, once my main is in a pocket and at close range my alt warps straight into the middle of combat. The first room does not have an acceleration gate at first but spawns one after killing all hostile ships.

Just moving towards the structures in the final room will flag the mission complete. I only killed the frigates and cruisers I was close enough and all remaining combat ships disappeared. Some industrials remain including freighters but I did not shoot these.

Mission 14: Studio 1

Unlicensed studios are a rare breed in the Gallente Federation. With the freedoms instilled into Gallente culture, the power of expression has almost limitless boundaries with which to explore. But there's a market for everything, and warped minds require debased stimulation, a desire fulfilled by unlicensed studios such as Studio I. The underworld is sick and diseased, and this studio is more impetus for wanton depravity.

The rats at warp-in location start at range but move rapidly towards you, even the battleships go over 700 m/s. Once again there are neutralizing cruisers, this time I noticed that their range is 25 km. I kill them all and move on to the second and final room.

Lots of battleships but a speed tanked tengu can safely ignore the battleships and only has to kill the elite neutralizing cruisers.

Just kill the studio to flag the mission as complete.
At 25% armor reinforcements spawn but it's only a few frigates and some battleships that don't web, scram or do anything nasty so I just finished the structure shoot and warped out.

Mission 15: Showtime

Quite a bit of dps from just 6 hostile battleships, my megathron had to warp out very fast and didn't contribute anything at all in this fight.

A second wave is spawned, just kill the named mob and loot the container to flag the mission complete.

Turn in the mission and you are given the choice for the final mission and reward.

Mourmarie and Senator Ardanne have given me a rendezvous location for you. It's somewhere in Enedore. When you return the kid, you'll get your reward. I'll contact the Syndicate and let them know that the deal is off. I wouldn't expect them to take that lightly, though, so watch your back.
Either way, glad you got the kid back. Been nice working with you. Good luck in the future, Raziel Walker.


The Syndicate wants to meet you at a specific location. You'll drop the kid off, take the money – which I'll get a cut of, of course – and leave quietly in the night. They have a special gift for you in addition to the money. Some sort of Syndicate-issue something or other. I dunno.
Take the kid to the warehouse and drop him off. We'll get paid and leave this whole mess behind us. It'll be a happy ending for us, to be sure.

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