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EVE online: Wildfire: part 2

Mission 13: Church of the Obsidian

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.150.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby.
Granted Items: Relic Analyzer I

The Ammatar “sister” that was the source of all the information was based in a nearby cathedral called the Church of the Obsidian. Get inside that church and get something called the “Blood Obsidian Orb.” I don't know what to do with it after that, but I think that's our first step.
Take this analyzer with you, and use it on the church.

Mission 14: Heresiology

Rewards: 8.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.400.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

Something was written on the orb as well, and I want you to go find what it is. There's a tablet that goes along with the orb and supposedly tells more about its purpose. The Church of the Obsidian did not have this tablet, as far as I can tell, but I was able to decipher a code on the orb that told of the tablet's location: the ruins of an old Ammatar church.

I always inscribe the location of manuals on my artefacts as well.

Remember to use this analyzer on the area. It'll allow you to unearth anything hidden around those ruins. Good luck!
Unlike the previous mission where you don't get a minigame for activating a data analyzer for this mission you get a free relic analyzer but there are hacking minigames to be played.

In both cases I had to complete 10 minigames succesfully to get the mission item to spawn. The only loot from the hacking game was carbon, data sheets, electronic parts, hydrogen batteries, metal scraps.

I can't believe what you found among those ruins. This is a historian's dream come true. Now that we've got the Blood Obsidian Orb and the Blood Obsidian Tablet, I think we finally solve this mystery. We're very close to uncovering the secrets of the Wildfire Khumaak.
By the way: Did you notice anything strange there? I could have sworn I saw an RSS ship flying about those ruins. Weird.

Mission 15: Wildfire

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 624.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

I've been a scholar and a historian for many years now, so I know how to handle ancient relics. I will confess, though, that I was about to cut right into the middle of the Blood Obsidian Orb to see what was inside.

I was already on a mission to get the answer for you! Are you that impatient?

Yes, I was getting rather desperate for answers. Luckily, the tablet you uncovered was more than just mystical mumbo-jumbo and flowery metaphors. Rather, it was practically an instruction manual to open the orb. Spirits be praised!

I found this datacore inside the orb. According to the tablet, there's a church in this area called the Wildfire Life Chapel. Inside the chapel is something called the Book of St. Arzad.
This book must be recovered. I'm almost certain that it's in the chapel. Put the datacore in that chapel and see what comes of it.

Lots of warp disruption frigates (5 that actively did so for me), webbing as well.

Mission 16: Stillwater

Rewards: 8.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.250.000 ISK
Location: random system nearby

That RSS agent showed up? That's no good. There's no telling what he'll do for the book. You have to catch him and get that book!

We need that book, and that RSS agent has it. This is my worst fear realized: Karkoti Rend was trying to get his hands on the book. The RSS claims that he was working alone, but I don't know how true that really is.

The Choice: With Great Power

After all of the trials and tribulations, we finally have the truth at our fingertips. Now it's time to dig in and find out what the Wildfire Khumaak is all about.

Mission 17: Revelation

Rewards:  25.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards:  208.000 ISK

Posmon Aubenard is a Gallente historian. If you take this book to him, I know that he will preserve it and keep it safe, possibly even put the book in the proper historical light with a best-selling book of his own in a few years. Go and give the Book of St. Arzad to him, and let him keep it safe. It's the right thing to do. Isn't it?

Mission 17: Retraction

Rewards: 10 x RSS Core Scanner Probe
Bonus Rewards: 1.250.000 ISK

This text belongs with my people. I cannot attest to how they will handle it, nor can I say for certain that they will bury it. But the right thing to do is to give it to them and not to let any outsiders take possession of it. This pains me as a historian, but it feels right as a Minmatar.

Conlusion: the minmatar arc is not fleshed out, no choices in mission path except at the very last step where you choose your reward.

Unlike the gallente epic arc I think all hostile ships paid out bounties or dropped tags in the case of Ammatar ships.

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