Sunday, July 7, 2013

EVE online: Ending the Impetus grind

After downtime I am still not done with the storyline so I jump into my caracal once more, accept the next mission (8 of 10) and warp to the lowsec system where it takes place.

The system is empty when I enter but as I warp to the mission site someone with a negative security status appears in local. I jettison some ammo at warp-in, move towards the red crosses and start shooting.

Before long I see probes and a legion on Dscan but before anything appears on grid I pop the rat that flags the mission as complete and warp out.

The final part comes up. The reward will be  1 x Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Medium Projectile Turret MP-805, worth about 40 million isk and a 1 million isk bonus. The mission objective is a structure that also drops a basic +3 implant.

At the same time my alt finishes the courier missions accepted before downtime.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 4 of 5).
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (1 of 5), 1 m3, 1 jump, 21k + 25 LP and 25k bonus.
lvl 1, The Heiress ( 5 of 5), a kill mission against a defenseless ship. 27k + 23 LP and a 26k bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (2 of 5), this is a mission to pick up a doll in space.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (3 of 5), this is a mission to pick up 4 dolls in space. 32k + 40 LP, 46 bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (4 of 5), a mining mission. 101k + 118 LP, 124k bonus.
lvl 1, Lost that Bet (5 of 5), a kill mission. 30k + 36 LP, 41k bonus.

Completion of the final Kidnappers Strike storyline puts Raziel at 5.53 Impetus standing.

As storyline mission rewards are not shared among fleet members my gallente alt still has some missions left to do.

Crooked Cop, 186k + 706 LP and 246k bonus.
Pick Your Poison, 476k + 1625 LP and 473k bonus.
Stop the Thief, 192k + 597 LP and 203k bonus.
No Excuses, 240k + 943 LP and 275k bonus.

After this I am offered two missions in a row against the Amarr and Caldari empire.
Since Raziel now has a standing of 5 with Impetus I decide to move to Azhgabid instead to do some level 4 missions to get Gabrielle's standing up to 5 as well.

In Azhgabid I get offered and run:
Silence the Informant, 1.060.000 isk, 5702 LP and 1.100.000 bonus.
The Assault, 1.370.000 isk, 6250 LP and 1.250.000 bonus.
Smuggler interception, 1.010.000 isk, 4893 LP and 1.090.000 bonus.
Buzz Kill, 1.440.000 isk, 5790 LP and 1.210.000 bonus.
The Score, 1.140.000 isk, 5421 LP, 1.200.000 bonus.
Rogue Drone Harassment, 790.000, 3634 LP, 773.000 bonus.
The Score, 1.250.000 isk, 5421 LP, 1.330.000 bonus.
Unauthorized Military Presence, 941.000 isk, 3846 LP and 821.000 bonus.
Damsel in Distress 797.000 isk, 4398 LP and 828.000 bonus.

After this I have the standings necessary to begin the first epic mission arc.
Impetus Standings are now Raziel 6.73, Gabrielle 5.21

Both characters had 8480 LP with Impetus before starting the level 4 missions and ended with about 30k LP each. With the LP collected for Impetus so far I decide to do some shopping:

2 x Memory Augmentation - Basic.

4 x Poteque 'Prospector' Environmental Analysis EY-1005 which gives a 5% reduction in cycle time of salvage, hacking and archeology modules. (Haven't those been renamed to data and relic analyzers?) But more importantly these add 5 seconds to the decay time of all scattered containers.

After this I take a much needed break before planning the start of what I hope is an epic adventure.

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