Monday, July 8, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: Part 2

Mission 4: Averon Exchange

A simple combat mission against 3 waves of Minmatar ships. The first wave has a lot of webbing frigates that spawn right on top of you if you don't warp in at range.

Mission 5: A Different Kind of Director

 Just talking to Eron Viette will complete the mission.

Mission 6: Assistance

Since those minmatar ships like to close to point blank range where my railguns don't track I refitted my Navy Megathron to Neutron Blasters but even with my increased dps output I had to warp off my Megahtron once. 12 Mercenary Overlord battleships put out a lot of dps.

The High or Low Road

After completing the mission you are offered a choice between two missions:

Usually I would take the high sec option but with two characters I could of course take both routes.

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