Friday, July 12, 2013

EVE online: Syndication: Endgame

Mission 16: Everybody has a price

This is a simple courier mission with no combat.

The Right Thing

What? You expected an ambush? Why would we do that to a trusted friend such as yourself? You did exactly what any good capsuleer would do: You chose the money over the kid's safety. Kudos to you. You'll go far in this world.

Not that I think you care, but we're not going to kill the kid. He's too useful to us. Impetus will make sure we wring as much money out of him as possible. There's a market for everything, and everybody has a price.

Agent response:
I've been in and out of this business for decades at this point. Do you know how many people I've moved? Thousands. Possibly even millions. More than I can count, anyways. And I've never been remorseful, not even once. It was all for the money, the very essence and soul of New Eden.
But I feel something now. Something uncomfortable. Is this what remorse feels like? Guilt? I don't know. I hope it was worth it. I truly do. Good luck, Gabrielle Walker. Enjoy your money. Good bye.

The reward is worth about 200 million isk.

Gabrielle standing change on turnin:
Syndicate -1.87 to -1.15

Mission 16: Safe Return

This is a combat mission although the combat part is optional.

Safe return is flagged complete when you return Ralie to his parents. Hostiles spawn but I just warped off to collect my reward. No bounties = No interest.

Agent response:
The Syndicate showed up? No way. I don't know who would have tipped them off. That's terrible. Anyway, that's it for me. Good bye.

The reward is worth a little less as the Syndicate Cloaking Device but I did the arc mostly for the standing increase it gave.

Raziel standing change on turnin:
Gallente Federation 4.37 to 4.72.

I am not sure how much loot I collected during the trip but each character ended with about 120m in wallet. During the arc I spent at least 70 million on a salvage catalyst and a hawk for the low-sec part and bought ammo several times.

In between I did one lvl 4 storyline mission with Raziel called Covering your tracks, which was a real easy and fast mission with just a few ships and no gates. Gallente standing went from 3.78 to 4.37 in one go from this. I declined a storyline offered to Gabrielle, since it was against Caldari.

Except for the drone mission at the start there are no bounties on ships, only one mission gives tags. I assume this is to prevent daily farming since the mission never expires.

After ending with 4.72 Gallente Federation it's hard to imagine I once had -4.71 standing. A complete reversal.

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