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EVE online: Wildfire: part 1

Wildfire, the Minmatar arc, begins at Arsten Takalo, member of the Brutor Tribe, found near the Brutor Tribe Community Area space beacon in the Frarn system.

Before I could start I had to grind some standings again since my minmatar alt, Duriel, had -2.55 Minmatar and 0 Brutor Tribe standing after helping my amarr alt in the past to get enough standing for Carthum Conglomerate research agents.

Wallets were reduced to 0 isk after buying an Olfei Medaillon next door in Rens.
Raziel was in a tengu, Duriel in a vargur.

Mission 1: A Demonstration

Rewards: 6.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.070.000 ISK

I met with a Brutor named Arsten Takalo. He seemed to have some real work for me, but wouldn't elaborate on it until I could prove myself. Upon his instruction, I acquired an “Olfei Medallion” and returned it to him. He seemed impressed with this, and said that if I was interested in getting started I should meet him again.

Mission 2: The Cost of Preservation

Rewards: 4.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.100.000 ISK
Collateral: 5.000.000 ISK

Now that we're past the small talk perhaps you're ready for some proper work. I guess we'll see.

It has been decided by the tribe that the return of this document (the Hauteker Memoirs) to Matari hands represents a higher priority than staying on good terms with some overprotective historian, Gallente or not. You will see to this. And before you go jumping in, there is a 5m ISK collateral to cover associated risks.

So things spiraled out of control in there. Don't stress it, Duriel Walker. You did a good thing, don't doubt it for a second.
Here's your ISK back, plus some extra as thanks. Don't blow it all away though, you'll be doing other work that requires collateral. I may be starting to respect you, but trust is a damn long way off.

Mission 3: Written by the Victors

Rewards: 4.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.330.000 ISK
Collateral: 2.500.000 ISK

Accessing the burial tomb flags the mission as complete, don't forget to loot he Wildfire Khumaak item though, it is needed

Wait, you found a Khumaak out there? What the hell is a Wildfire Khumaak? I'm dying to look at it, I admit, but we can't screw around here.

Mission 4: Glowing Embers

Rewards: 6.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.120.000 ISK
Location: Todeko, 6 jumps out.

I knew you'd say yes. Alright, here is their location, but don't waste time screwing around, they move constantly and won't be there forever.

Mission 5: From Way Above

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.070.000 ISK
Location: Todeko

Raziel Walker, you're not gonna like this. Only moments ago the Angel Cartel launched an attack on the Defiant base to recover what was taken from them. 
The Defiants have fled the camp, which has now been converted into a base of operations for the Angel's invasion fleet.

What!? I am still in the base, nothing has happened here, NPC's are still loitering around. Is that Arsten Takalo on crack or something? Well no matter, let's accept this mission and get some shit done.

We're lucky to have you working with us, now go kick their teeth in. For Muritor!

I missed some mission text here because I clicked accept before reading the full misison description. Apparantly an RSS (Republic Secret Service) agent is involved in guiding the angel pirates to the Defiants hideout.

Mission 6: Friends in High Places

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.490.000 ISK
Location: Alakgur, 8 jumps out

From first impressions, it looks like this RSS agent was working almost entirely alone on some operation involving a highly-placed Ammatar defector and the Wildfire Khumaak. The RSS people here with me are claiming they've never heard of this matter before. I'm seeing reports here to suggest that this Ammatar “sister” was a source for historical information on the Wildfire.
I don't like the name of that RSS operation though, Raziel Walker. Stillwater? That's basically the opposite of “Wildfire”. We should be careful not to trust the RSS too much on this one, I think.
In fact, I have an idea. I'll speak with you again after I've made a few arrangements with the RSS.

Mission 7: My Little Eye

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.320.000 ISK
Location: Aldrat, 10 jumps out.

In the meantime I have something else for you to do. I've made a few arrangements with the RSS and convinced them to let you continue to work on this Wildfire Khumaak business. Officially, you will be acting as the RSS liaison for the Brutor tribe.

For the most part, the Republic Security Services Corporation has not made a habit of hiring outsiders, preferring instead to stick to known, trustworthy people who have long proven their loyalty to the Minmatar cause. The one notable exception to this isolationist tendency has been the capsuleers, who are afforded much higher levels of access due to their unique capabilities.

Mission 8: Dead End Intercept

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.720.000 ISK
Location: Erstur

Mission 9: Surfacing

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards:1.370.000 ISK
Location: Jark, 11 jumps out.

Mission 10: Who Art in Heaven

Rewards: 5.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.570.000 ISK
Location: random system, 1 jump out

My next mission is to meet up with an archaeologist but of course things did not exactly go as planned.

Shit…the Cartel is here, and they're targeting the outpost. You need to act quickly. Secure the area and protect the archaeologists! 

Things were all peachy until I closed range with the outpost, then it blew up.

The outpost is down. We've lost this battle…and the Cartel knows it. I've just received word from one of their commanders; the terms of agreement for an exchange. Forget the base; it's a lost cause now, just come back to me.

Mission 11: Playing all Their Cards

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.490.000 ISK
Location: Erstur, 1 jump out

While we're having a meet, you sneak in, bypass the remaining resistance, and grab the texts that were taken. You'll need to deactivate the security firewalls, which means some hacking.

Yay, hacking.

We're counting on you, Duriel Walker, not just for the information this time, but to help us keep our reputation and morale after being dealt such a blow by those Angel bastards. The RSS is hurting right now. I need you to fire my men up. Make us proud.

Oops, you need the hacking skill at rank 3. No worries, plenty of time while you keep those pirates distracted at the conference table right?

They're stalling the negotiations. Our scouts and scanners are picking up no sign of the reinforcements they were going to bring. I'm getting the feeling we've been screwed again. Get the data and get out.

Hostiles then spawned at about 100 km range giving me time to warp in Raziel, hack the container and loot it. Afterwards I transferred the mission item at a local station.

Mission 12: History in the Making

Rewards: 7.000.000 ISK
Bonus Rewards: 1.620.000 ISK
Location: Tanoo, 13 jumps out.

Report to another agent for the next steps in the chain.

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