Sunday, September 1, 2013

EVE Online: Brand New Orca

Finally having an Orca of my own feels as reaching a big milestone, like stepping into my first cruiser or battleship. The freighter has a bigger cargo but is a smaller milestone because it's just a big unfittable hauler with a single purpose. An Orca on the other hand is the first ship I own that features a ship maintenance bay and Fleet Hangar but is also my first introduction to the use of warfare/mining links.

When mining I previously used two retrievers, the introduction of the Orca increased average yield from 1350 to just below 1500 while reducing cycle time from 180 to 160 seconds.
In practice it takes me about 30 minutes to fill up the holds and empty them again. A run gives about 7m in ore which refines to 8m in minerals.

So high sec mining earns me 16m an hour using three accounts. The only benefit is that it can be combined with other activities so the low isk per hour is not much of a problem.

Though once the ice interdiction is over I will probably move to a system with an ice belt and see how it compares.That ship maintenance bay can hold two retrievers for easy transport after all.

A Ship Maintenance Bay of 400.000 m3, capable of holding a small collection of ships.
A 40k Fleet Hangar with an easy icon to toggle fleet/corp access.
A 50k Ore hold that might come in useful to move around ice blocks.
A 45k Cargo Bay that will increase to 55k at rank 4.
11,5% cycle time decrease and 25% range increase from the two links.

The fit above has 230k EHP, a travel fit orca with MWD aligns and warps in 10 seconds and still has 196k EHP.

My wallet is empty but I'm a happy man. The universe is mine! (Possibly yours as well.)


  1. Just found your blog and I enjoy reading so far, but I do have a question about your orca fit. I see you have a cap injector fitted even though you are cap stable? Is there a specific reason for this instead of another shield mod for instance?

  2. I don't have a cap booster fitted, it's an X-large Ancillary Shield Booster (with navy cap booster 400 charges). This will add more EHP as just another large shield extender. That fit is just to maximize EHP.

    When moving around I will fit a MWD to enter warp in 10 seconds, otherwise it takes around 40 seconds to enter warp.

  3. Ahh, that makes so much more sense. With the screen shot I was simply confused. Thanks!