Tuesday, September 3, 2013

EVE Online: Odyssey 1.1 released

From the patch notes:
To emphasize the removal of tiers, we have renamed several industrials.  The new names are:
  • Badger Mark II becomes Tayra.
  • Iteron becomes Nereus.
  • Iteron Mark II becomes Kryos.
  • Iteron Mark III becomes Epithal.
  • Iteron Mark IV becomes Miasmos.
The first minute I felt dismayed, then it faded as I realized I just needed some time to get used to the new names. My desire to hang on to the old was just some bittervet syndrome. Though I am glad the old names are still preserved through game lore in the new ship descriptions.

The Tayra, an evolution of the now-defunct Badger Mark II, focuses entirely on reaching the highest potential capacity that Caldari engineers can manage.

I was aware skills were being added and renamed but had somehow missed the changes to categories. Another thing that will take some getting used to but I think this will make it more intuitive to locate a skill or see at a glance where the character focus lies.

Spaceship Command - This remains as the old Spaceship Command group, no change here for now.

In other news: I fitted up 2 rocket Talwars for PVP and relocated to a lowsec system where I docked up since is was getting late again by the time I had gotten there.

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