Thursday, September 19, 2013

EVE Online: WH vs high sec PI

In high sec I sometimes ran a somewhat ineffective PI setup on a 7 day cycle.

The basic setup has me producing a refined commodity on each planet.
Two extractors, one for each raw material (P0), two basic factories to convert raw materials (P0) into processed materials (P1) and then on to a single advanced facility where I manufacture a refined commodity (P2).

Below are two images comparing a high sec and wormhole temperate planet.

Below are two images comparing a high sec and wormhole barren planet.

My basic wormhole setup runs on a two day cycle and extracts, processes and refines about 4 to 6 times the volume per hour. It has the same two extractors but instead of two basic factories and a single advanced facility I might need two or three as much factories even though the number of extractor heads is reduced from the maximum of 10 to about 3 or 4.

With high sec planets I am happy with skills at rank 4 but in wormhole space you need more factories which leaves you with very few extractor heads. Command Center Upgrades 5 takes about 20 days to train but it would definately be worth training if I want to stick with PI in wormhole or null sec space.

I just realize that with a low custom office tax it is probably a lot better to extract P0 and only process them into P1 and do all the P2 and P3 production on a barren or temperate planet. Production costs will still be low and you don't use that much overhead PG/CPU to the extractor itself so your overall production volume will be much higher.

So far I invested about 60m in my wormhole adventure. 30 Million to set up 5 planets and another 30 million on a scanning frigate, tayra and epithal for my alt.
The first PI export run had a value of about 25m so next week I will be even and can set up another character the same way.

That way I should end up earning about 30-50m isk per week per character or 300-600 million isk per month per account. Perhaps enough to buy a plex.

In an old forum post I mentioned that at the time high sec PI earned me about 180m isk a month, that would compare to the tripled yield I see from my current extractor setup.

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