Sunday, September 8, 2013

EVE Online: Looking at a wormhole

Today I tried undocking in a ship that had it's slot layout changed.

I would have expected the illegal module to function the same as an offlined module or be ignored. In hindsight it seems more logical that CCP would put in a mechanism like this to prevent illegally fitted ships flying around the universe ignoring the laws of programmed reality.

I was trying to undock in that ship because I had just logged in with a long unused alt parked in Jita, Jita was crowded so I was moved to Maurasi where I tried to undock so I could move back to Jita to buy me a minimal scanning frigate.

I have wanted to try out wormhole life for a while now and decided to easy by applying to Foo Signature Industries and his C1 wormhole corporation.

Since I am in a personal one man corp with 0% tax and I would move to a corp with 0% tax then at the very least it might introduce me to more people. And since he is involved in industry perhaps it will help me to pick up my own again.

Joining the 'Foo Consolidated' channel I already noticed half a dozen players from Foo Signature Industries. Although at this time they are a bit occupied since their wormhole has some hostile ships visiting.

One player in the channel (accidentally) mentioned the high sec system their WH has an entrance to.

Since I had finished training for a basic scan fit about an hour earlier I hopped into my new ship and made my way over to the mentioned system. There was indeed a wormhole in the system so I scanned it down and warped to the signature.

Less as a minute later a gang of some hurricanes, prophecies, guardians and a loki warp to the gate and jump through. After that I move away from the gate and cloak up.

Now I see several ships coming and entering the hole a devoter, vexor navy issue, some drakes, a gila that doesn't enter. I am now far enough away that I can warp back to the wormhole if I wish to do so and stop my ship.

I offer to give information on ships this side of the wormhole to the people in chat even though I assume they already have their own scouts in place.

Later some other ships jump out of the wormhole to high sec, I assume they were the losers of a fight that took place on the other side of the wormhole and simply jumped through to disengage. If so I would expect them to stay at least 5 minutes on this side to prevent polarization.

Unfortunately it is getting late so I have to log off knowing the wormhole will be somewhere else by the time I can log on again.

This wormhole is beginning to decay, and probably won't last another day.
This wormhole has had its stability reduced by ships passing through it, but not to a critical degree yet.


  1. Good luck in your wormhole adventures. Just be careful who you join - any corp that gives you the name of the empire system before you join them is nuts for example. Check out Broken Wheel Mercantile and Trading (BWMT), that's our C2 corp.

    If you are looking for a solid, experienced WH crew to join, do some research. Don't worry about the taxes too much - sleepers don't have bounties on them. Just go for an outfit that has been around for a while and decent killboard. Oh, and there is no reason - ever - to fly in a C1. Unless PI is the one and only thing you want to do. Any questions, mail me in game (Epigene)

    1. Somehow I had forgotten about

      At first glance your corp/alliance sounds even better since moving from C2 to C3 to C4 might make for easier progression.

      I admit that right now I am looking mostly at just the PI part although I would like to try running sites and other stuff just to lose some of my paranoia about the dangers of flying in wormhole space.

    2. To be honest, PI is good but whats the point if you get killed every time you do a PI run? Living in WH space is quite involved - dont go with a bad crew, you will hate it. There are lots of good corporations our there. BWMT is _mostly_ US TZ. When you look for a WH corp, make sure you check their killboard. Corps that hunt know how to survive. Many corporations don't do PvP but that means they don't know how to evade it either. Read tigerears for full reports what happens to industry pilots.

      And please, don't go into WHs with characters that can not fly cloaked...