Saturday, August 31, 2013

EVE Online: Right To rule, Sansha part

As a real capsuleer I went after the money and chose to help the Sansha Nation, entering the not so scary place that is low security space to do so.

What I did see in low sec was one Nemesis and one Iteron Mark V on the gates, mostly systems that were empty or had one or two people in them and one system had a pilot with suspect status in it but mostly I noticed lots and lots of anomalies to clear.

So I just ignored it all and wizzed around being a carebear.

The low sec part of the Wildfire arc took me less as an hour to complete in an imperial navy slicer. You do need a data analyzer for one mission and some of the missions feature energy neutralizing cruisers. In the final mission I had to orbit them at range to avoid being capped out and unable to fire my lasers, otherwise I just zapped everything as soon as I could lock it.

The final mission reward is a Sansha Modified 'Gnome' Implant. When I looked it up on eve central after completion I noticed it was worth about 350-400 million.
For comparison, the Imperial Navy Modified 'Noble' Implant is worth about half that and goes for about 170 million isk.

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