Thursday, August 29, 2013

EVE Online: Attempt at solo pvp

A while ago I gave solo pvp a first try. I threw together five wolf assault frigates and went out to Bosena, home of Sugar Kyle and The humbleless Crew.

My first attempt didn't last long. I warped to the station at range where Naoru Kozan was loitering in a Scythe Fleet Issue, he was nice enough to dock and change to a Jaguar. After undocking he warped off and then warped back to station at range as well.

He was MWD fit so closed range quickly, he came into scram range on approach but I didn't activate to save cap. That was mistake one, after that he settled into orbit around me and slowly tore me to shreds with his artillery cannons.

Only afterwards did I think about station sentry guns. I assume we were far enough from station by the time he agressed me. As a real carebear I have safety on.

Lessons learned:
A wolf is slow.
Small armor reppers use lots of cap.

A short time later I returned in an almost identical wolf. I had replaced the T2 TE and SAR with 2 meta 4 TE. Naoru Kozan was nice enough to undock in a different ship this time and went for an Incursus.

Once again I felt like a mouse in the paws of a cat toying with his food.

Just as before he quickly settled into a comfortable orbit around me poking me from range, sometimes coming in a bit closer where I could do a bit more damage before retreating and repping up.

Lessons learned:
A wolf is slow. Don't expect a kill a faster ship if you have no tricks up your sleeve.
Some lessons just have to be repeated several times I guess.

Afterwards we talked a bit and Naoru linked me some fits and gave some ideas for other ships like trashers to learn pvp.

I had planned to return to Bosena and lose 3 more wolves before making this post and fitting up some ships as suggested to me but I didn't free up time for this so far.

PvP really isn't my forte, I don't have quick reflexes and have trouble keeping track of everything. In that way I am more suited to the F1 grunt play style seen in big nullsec fleets. Of course I don't like big time dilation fleets and CTA's either.

I don't think I overheated anything at all while fighting in Bosena. I remember to overheat in PVE when I want to kill that rat just a little bit faster or need to tank just a little bit more until I can manage. In fleet PVP I also remember to overheat. In solo pvp I am mostly busy looking at dps application, tank, speed and distance.

I would rather build than destroy so perhaps I should try to sell Naoru hulls and modules I build and have him kill stuff in my name. But I also want to kill Naoru in a fair fight just to prove I did learn something from him.

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  1. Nice post.

    I would suggest sticking with solo PVP from time to time. It is one of the more satisfying gameplay undertakings when it goes right and much of the situational awareness come with practice. You can make things a little easier by being in a habit of activating DCU'S and preheating mods as soon as you start warping round a system.

    I would say the Wolf is perhaps not the easiest to start in.

    From your previous entries you sound to be specced into Amarr so you could try the Tormentor which can be cheap but quite nasty. Stick to T1 frigates if you can. It is also as cheap to lose a cruiser as an assault ship.

    Another Care Bear