Friday, August 30, 2013

EVE Online: [Winter] Marauder rebalancing

Marauder rebalancing has been announced and it's awesome!

Marauders will gain an 8th high slot to fit a Bastion module.
The bastion module will basically make your marauder go into siege mode, increasing all resistances by 30% (no stacking penalties withother fitted modules!), doubling shield and armor repair, makes you immune to EWAR and gives a range bonus to weapon systems.
It does however make you immovable and unable to receive remote assistance and the module cannot be deactivated before the cycle ends.

There is a new x8 skill involved in using this module. The skill itself will reduce module cycle time, down to 60 seconds at rank 5.


Marauders will also get  a new role bonus, 70% reduction to Micro Jump Drive activation. Meaning you can use your Micro Jump Drive after every Bastion cycle if needed.

Overall speed will be reduced to make them more dependable on the MJD and drone bays will be decreased because marauders are supposed to depend on their main weapon systems.

The Paladin will trade it's webifier velocity factor bonus for an optimal range bonus.
The Kronos will trade it's webifier velocity factor bonus for a falloff range bonus.

For PVP it's like they are miniature dreadnaughts. How will these fare against a POS?

I was about to start saving isk for a Navy Faction Raven but perhaps I should reconsider.
My Vargur is getting a refit this winter, that's for sure.

Marauders were a PVE ship with a niche role, these changes are meant to make them viable, if niche ships for PVP. Do you think we will see these ships more in PVP engagements or will they be limited to (high sec) POS bashes? 

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