Thursday, August 29, 2013

EVE Online: Right to Rule

Right to Rule, the Amarr arc, starts with Karde Romu, agent for the Ministry of Internal Order, located in the Kor-Azor Prime system.

By the time I started running this arc I had lost some of my interest in running so many missions in a row but didn't want to switch to anything else. So I took a break and returned to the Eve universe this week.

  •  The Sansha ambushed and destroyed an MIO investigator.
  •  The Sansha attempted to destroy an outpost owned by Lord Touraj Miyan.
  •  The Sansha were driven away from one of Miyan's slave convoys, but the commander escaped.
  •  The commander escaped, aided by a third party flying Amarr ships.

Spiderweb Politics
  • You met Aralin Jick, your local contact.
  • An opportune attack by the Sansha convinced Security Chief Riff Hebian that Lord Miyan was the target of their attacks.
  • Lady Jariza, a minor Holder who was rejected by Lord Miyan for political marriage, has been courting Lord Durabi in recent months.
  • Aralin Jick suspects the Amarr ships you encountered were mercenaries hired by Lord Manik.
  • You successfully tracked the mercenaries back to their camp.
  • You severely ruined the mercenaries' day.
  • Mina Darabi, Aralin Jick's contact and the daughter of Lord Darabi, was successfully retrieved in your violent "kidnapping."
  • Mina Darabi revealed that Jariza funneled money from Lord Darabi and was in contact with Rahsa Teff, the Sansha commander. You judiciously eliminated the Sansha base and captured Teff.
  • Rahsa Teff's fate was decided.

The Old Guard
  • Interrogating Rahsa revealed that he had help within the Amarr Empire. You retrieved a Sansha command signal receiver for Aralin's plan to capture the traitor.
  • Luring his forces into the open using the head of Rahsa, you revealed the Amarrian traitor to be Terrius Harkan, former commander of Miyan's security.
  • You were sent to arrest Harkan before any more damage was done, but the traitor apparently committed suicide by destroying his own home upon your arrival.
  • Riff Hebian was informed of Harkan's death.
  • What was believed to be the last remnant of Rahsa's forces attacked a House Miyan outpost. After engaging the enemy the Sansha ran, revealing themselves to be a diversion.
  • Lord Harkan emerged alive after all, and launched a surprise assault on Lord Miyan's safe house. You bravely broke through the corrupted defenses and turncoats. The traitor Harkan fell to your superior flying, allowing Lord Miyan to continue his rightful rule.
Yesterday evening I finished the amarr epic arc with my main. My alt has completed the first 13 missions and is now sitting in Amarr, fitting up an Imperial Navy slicer to run the the low sec Sansha chain.

Against rats like the Sansha and Blood Raiders the legion really shines. DPS and range are similar to my HAM tengu but there is no reloading or flight times. The tengu is saved by the fact it is immune to tracking disruptors.

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