Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Status update

Back from a (diving) vacation in Estartit, Spain and almost ready to get back into EVE online. Every year around this time my interest in EVE drops and I change games for a short while.

This year I already blamed TAGN for getting me back into Civilization V. A friend has bought the full game and we have completed few multiplayer 1 vs 1 games these past few weeks.

I expect to get back into EVE in a few weeks at most (just need to win Civilization with on a large/huge map,  4 more races and at least one emperor difficulty victory.)

Several weeks of blogs to catch up with as well, so far I read about burn Jita, Gevlon & Noir, and the CSM voting results.

Good: Sugar Kyle and Mike Araziah both got in!
Bad: Uneven representation of players with the CFC/goon dominance.


  1. Thanks for your replies, means more to me as you know.

    Long skill trains are bad for my activity. I prefer to stagger the training queues of my characters so I have to log in every day.