Saturday, June 7, 2014

A night at the movies

Yesterday evening I went out to see Maleficent, a new take on the story of Sleeping Beauty. The first few minutes I was wondering if this was a real childrens movie and just as with Godzilla the introduction takes a while but both were very enjoyable movies that I could bear to see again to see if I can catch more references to the original canon material.

Two other movies I went out to see recently are Edge of Tomorrow and X-men: Days of Future Past. I missed the first two minutes of the X-men so might go see it again, that will also give a chance to make up my mind on whether I found it a good movie or not.

Rating these four movies for entertainment value:
1: Edge of Tomorrow
2: Godzilla
3: Maleficent
4: X-men: Days of Future Past

Angelina Jolie is the reason Maleficent takes the third spot. Time travel and memory loss are the reason the X-men are at fourth place but perhaps a new viewing would change my mind. (Pathé gold card so flat fee to see unlimited movies).
It's been a while longer since I saw Captain America and Spiderman but those would probably take 5th and 6th place respectively. No idea where I would place the Lego Movie but I remember that movie as a lot of fun as well, definately better as 'A million ways to die in the West'.

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