Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Books

In preparation for my summer vacation and as a nod to Scalzi who manages to post stacks like this every week.

Nemesis and Anvil of Stars are childhood books that I now purchased for myself.

Skin Game should have been in the stack of books but I already made my start on this one.

The books I just finished.

The exception is Severian of the Guild which I have owned for several years but I stopped reading halfway through in the past. Still waiting for a good time to pick it up again.


  1. The expanse! I myself am reading Abbadon's gate. good stuff :)

  2. Yes, really liked The Expanse, still have to buy and read the final book in the series though.
    Did you hear there is also a televison series coming that will premiere on syfy channel in december?

    Currently reading Existence by David Brin. It does not take place in the uplift universe but does mention uplifted dolphins and chimpanzees.

    1. I heard about the show and that's why I started reading as my friend told me he liked the books. I got really hooked.