Thursday, December 22, 2016

Yearly update

Second post of the year already!

My Eve play is on a hiatus and has been for almost two years now. I have no goals so no real reason to log in except to keep my skill queue active and collect goodies every now and then.

Lobotomizing alts gave me enough ISK to keep my two accounts subscribed through 2017.

But yay! I did achieve my goal of getting to the number one position in number of level 4 skills.

Still spending way too much of my free time playing computer games but these days it is World of Warships that has my interest as it offers me the PVP experience that EVE fails to deliver.
  • Quick entry into action, no need to spend ages fitting up ships and then traveling to a combat area.
  • Not as twitchy requiring fast thinking and reflexes, WoWs allows for more time to react.

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