Thursday, May 23, 2013

EVE online: Industry reset

Instead of mining, manufacturing and selling in my null sec home system I moved two alts to high sec to try and earn some isk with industry there. Just in time to reconsider my decisions for Odyssey.

My old sheet was a lot more compact but was not as accurate in showing the exact profits because I didn't track anything except a minimum sell price based on build cost.
My new sheet isn't exactly rocket science either but at least this way I can keep track of my expenses better as with my old sheet. The big change is keeping track of sell orders a bit better.

I want to sell my stuff fast instead of going for maximum profit so when I put something on the market it's lowest station price and often lowest regional as well.

But prices change fast. Usually it only takes a few minutes before I am undercut again.
An example is Rens were extender rigs were over 4 million isk but after I put mine on the maerket I was forced to recude prices until they finally sold at 3,7 million.

I also produced a set of purgers that are still on market at this moment. Prices in Hek, Rens, Dodixie were at 4 million average or so and a few hours later my orders are down to 3,65 million sell price. In Jita/Amarr it is even worse, my orders are selling for 3,55 right now and are not the lowest price on market.

Profit margins are in the 5-10% range. A long way from the margins in nullsec but in null I have to run dozens of sites to get enough salvage for 50 rigs. In high I just fly to Jita and buy as much salvage as my wallet permits.

Is it better to do industry in high and take your isk to null or should we try to live in null fulltime and directly support our corp/alliance with our products?

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