Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EVE online: What's in your hangar?

Since I have recently cleaned up and consolidated most of my ships I thought I could do the same as Ripard Teg (CSM8) of Jester's Trek and list the content's of my ship hangar.
Most of my ships used to have names similar to Culture Ship names but got renamed to something more indicative of their fit or function during cleanup. The only ship name I regret scrapping during cleanup was a t1 industrial named 'Slowboat Nightmare'

My Main
1 Caracal 'Obvious resist hole', HAM fit. 58 million at VFK prices with fit included.
1 Caldari Shuttle 'Pod Armor'
1 Crane, 'K-8 local transport'
1 Bustard, 'Pushing Ice'
2 Drake, 'Kitchen Sink' and 'Bait! Don't shoot', a dual web + scram + AB HAM drake.
1 Nighthawk, 'Oni', heavy missile capless tank.
2 Buzzard, both called 'eYe'
1 Merlin, 'Fun Ship', AB, scram, web, MSE and ...uhm.... meta railguns?
1 Noctis, 'Loot Pinata'
2 Crow, 'The Woobie' and 'PVE FTW', 1 rocket and 1 light missile fit although both are really just glorified shuttles to move jump clones around.
1 Tengu, 'No Salvager'.

My main pvp alt:
1 Claw, 'Pod Accelerator', that actually saw action once.
1 Hound, 'Doggie Style'
2 Scythe, 'Aplhafleet AB' and 'TorNaga T3 sniper'
1 Hurricane, 'Beta'
1 Mammoth, 'Deflatable'
1 Vargur, 'Forsaken II' because I lost my first Vargur in the first week I had it.
1 Vagabond, 'Virgin Vaga', bought and fitted it for a roam that was canceled.

My mining alt:
3 Executioner,  'lvl 1&2', 'Pod Armor' and 'Dualprop Pod Armor'
1 Omen Navy Issue,  'Lvl 3'
1 Omen, 'Not enough CPU'
1 Retriever, 'Nr 2'
1 Dragoon, 'Dragon'
1 Harbinger, 'GRTP Grand Prize', that I won from my corp.
1 Oracle 'Not Forgotten'.
1 Apocalypse 'Anorexic Aneurism'
1 packaged Armageddon

My other mining alt:
1 Talos, 'Talon'
1 Retriever, 'My little Miner'
1 Rattlesnake, 'Found and Lost' that I build in nullsec by myself from a bpc I found.
1 Catalyst, 'Wing One'
1 Thorax,
1 Atron, 'Moving Along'
1 Brutix, 'Into Darkness'.
1 Megathron 'Andromeda'
1 packaged dominix.

My freighter alt:
1 Charon, 'Phoenix'
1 Crane, 'Collateral Damage'
1 Caldari Shuttle, 'Autopilot'

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