Friday, October 3, 2014

EVE: Standings grind

Gevlon Goblin calculated he saved 55 billion in broker fees by having good standing with the Caldari State and Navy.

Just by doing the circle courier mission and datacenter tag deliveries MoxNix at Merchant Monarchy raised his standings with the Amarr and Caldari factions by quite a bit.

My interest is in having good standings with all factions so derived standings and diminishing returns mean that completing storyline missions is no longer a valid option to increase faction standings for me. To confirm I completed one storyline mission.

Corporate and faction standings before completion of the mission.

Corporate and faction standings after completing the mision.

Gain: Amarr Empire +0.05, Caldari State +0.03
Loss: Minmatar Repbulic -0.07, Gallente Federation -0.03

To repair the loss I completed The Blood-Stained Stars and chose gallente gaining +0.43 standing with the Gallente Federation. Completing the amarr epic arc increased standing with the Amarr Empire by +0.57.
To compare, SoE arc consists of level 1 missions. The empire faction arcs are level 4 equivalent. All epic mission arcs can be completed every three months.

As a side note, I'll be visiting the Evesterdam event. and

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