Friday, December 19, 2014

EVE: Evesterdam 2014

Slightly behind original schedule because it took me months just to get over how I look when exposed to sunlight.

CCP Falcon and CCP Leelo.

Bobmon in the spotlights

CCP Guard


Prize handout at the end.

Had a great day (except for the part at the end where I got really sick and had to throw up after drinking an orange juice thus missing out on what promised to be the best presentation of all, the Hulkageddon talk by Helicity Boson.)

The venue was pretty basic but was just big enough to handle the crowd.
My camera showed its age once again by making pictures that would make my cellphone weep, maybe my own fault for not wanting to use a flash all the time because I find those distracting.

Many thanks to Deirdre Vaal and everyone else that organized, hosted and contributed to the event. Cya all next year.

Edit: missed uploading some pictures

Compagnietheater where the event took place

Bobmon and CCP Leeloo

Deirdre Vaal in the Gurista shirt.

CCP Guard and CCP Falcon watching the crowd enter for the first presentation.

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