Saturday, December 27, 2014

EVE: LMeve screenshots

As Raziel I do industry for the corporation/alliance, the tool we use to keep track of this is LMeve.

Lmeve tracks activity and allows you to reward players for performing industry jobs for the corporation.

Tracking of corporate inventory:

Buyback calculator:

Keep track of market orders:

The sheet I am mostly interested in, this task pane shows assigned jobs and what materials are required. Since my part only consists of performing invention and T2 manufacturing all I have to do is log in, check assigned tasks and create the relevant industry jobs in EVE.

If any materials are missing from the production input hangar I just send a mail to our industry director to remind him and within a few days the missing materials will be restocked.

In EVE itself I only have access to the production in put hangar, I can't even see the contents of the containers requiring blueprints but it's still possible to install jobs from the industry window and see a list of all corporate blueprints.

Download link:
LMeve was developed by Lukas Rox of Aideron Technologies


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about LMeve! It looks pretty cool with Lucifer's Hammer's theme ;-)

  2. Yay a visitor :)
    Thank you for creating and sharing LMeve!
    Though setup isn't really trivial especially for someone with zero web knowledge. Still trying to set up an installation for my null sec corp or get someone with web skills motivated to do this for me.