Saturday, February 28, 2015

EVE: 2014 goals review

So how did I do?

Get into a carrier.
Completed, even lost and replaced one already.

Isis, certificates and skill training.
Completed, I have all the masteries I wanted (for Raziel everything subcap caldari at IV except for stealth bombers) and stuck with my goal of training existing skills over injecting new ones.
Last week I was less than a month away from training all existing skills to at least rank 4 and I finally caved and bought 40 new skillbooks to inject.

More research/manufacturing.
Completed, While involved in T2 manufacturing this is limited to inventing and building a couple of thousand T2 modules every month for my alliance.
I bought more blueprints, researched more blueprints, actually build almost as much as I could get materials for in nullsec where my two indy alts are located but profit was still limited compared to trading. More profit can be generated by using a freighter service and selling implants and faction modules on the local market.
The state of my blueprints two months ago.

Wealth and asset increase
Total failure, I actually have no idea of my current value but I'd estimate it around 25-30 billion isk equally split between assets, wallet and sell orders.
On the other hand, I have no real pressing need or desire for more weatlth or assets until I want to pay for my own station.

Ghost sites
Total failure, haven't run a single one.

SoE Ships
Total failure, the only missions I completed this year where the epic arcs. I do have an astero and stratios but those were bought on the market.

And not to annoy Drackarn but I might just try out this FW thingie. After all, he keeps writing about those plexers earning 100m isk an hour.
Incomplete, no actual progress has been made in getting more excited about or feeling a desire to engage in pvp.
I actually spent one or two months training up an alt to fly a cloaky venture for some button orbiting and ran about half a dozen small sites. Stealth bomber missions are probably a better option if you want to do FW for isk. And if you are into FW for the pvp then it's better to invest your training time in a pvp frigate instead of cloaky WCS button orbiters.

Bonus goals
While I did participate in two ganked roams and was the victim in a bombers bar run the number of social events I attended was less as intended. There was always an excuse not to participate. Not interested today, not enough time to prepare, wrong timezone, expensive training clone.

2015 lookout
No real goals yet.

Looking to go back to three accounts as soon as I feel I can live with only three training queues and without the option to log in that extra scout.

Going to sell of more unneeded assets so I am more flexible when relocating. Going to put my characters more together doing fun projects instead of spreading myself out with characters in high sec, null and wh space.

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