Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EVE: CSM 10 voting

 Really late this year but still in time that I am allowed to vote at all.
77 eligible candidates

Only 2 candidates that failed to pass the security check, one of which was Trinket’s Friend.  (who I think would have made a decent candidate, shame he was refused candidacy because of unknown)

Vote Match if you have trouble matching candidates to their platform.

CSM Wire

My candidate shortlist:

1.    Mike Azariah - Placed first on my ballot even though he would fit between Gorski and Psianh in how high I rate him. Because I want him on the CSM and think he needs first round votes to pass the threshold most of all.

2.    Sugar Kyle – Because Sugar.

3.    Gorski Car – Heard good things about him, I like his blog. Why do I stil think of him as PL? I included him, just to give him a chance to proof his place on a real CSM. Was going to place him 5th in my list but moved him to third place for the same reason Mike is nr 1, Afraid that 5th place will be too low to actually get my vote to count for him in any way.

4.    Steve Ronuken – Based on blogs and recommendations, not because I have any clue on his worth and value.

5.    Corbexx – Based on blogs, recommendations and mainly his wormhole income rebalancing efforts.

Then things start getting difficult because names are often associated with corps/alliances I don’t support or are unknown/new faces.

6.    Endie – CFC, recommended by lots. He won’t need my vote but I’ll give it just to give off the signal that I’d prefer him over Sion.

7.    Manfred Sidious – PL, as Endie he gets in just based on recommendation by blogs I read.

8.    Psianh Anyvander, tainted with the Noir name. Since Gevlon and Noir had a falling out that name no longer has a positive connotation for me. (Noir Academy is not Noir Mercenaries and Psianh is a person, not the organization but the taint remains, I am just too lazy to try an overcome my bias.)

Honorable mention

9.    Jayne Fillion – community stuff, wasn’t there some controversy he was involved in with bomber’s bar?

12. Chance Ravinne – unknown new. RL job in marketing.

13. Ashterothi – unknown new.

15. June Ting – Brave.

11. Bam Stroker – community stuff. Only thing I heard about was the Down Under meet. Either he gets elected by his real suporters or not.

14. Ariete – unknown wh.

Little things: 
Last post I read before making my own:

Endie/Sion/Thoric: Does the CFC really think the best possible CSM includes 3 CFC members parroting each other?

Incumbent CSM members about other incumbent CSM candidates?
Here I noticed Mike did not get all that many endorsements.

What is wrong with your list?
You mean the shuffling at the end and no nr 10? Sion would have been nr 10 on my list but was removed so I was left with only voting list of 14. Decided to place Bam/Ariete further back on the list when doing the actual voting.

Other CSM voting recommendations:
Nosy Gamer

Sugar Kyle

Corbexx (CSMX candidate)

Steve Ronuken


Rixx Javix

Kirith Kodachi

Gevlon Goblin

Lockefox/John Purcell

Neville Smit

Jakob Anedalle


Wilhelm Acturus

Marc Scaurus

Psianh Auvyander

Jeff Kione

Bobmon (CSMX candidate)


Proclus Diadochu

Feyd Rautha


And a link back to the past:
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