Thursday, April 11, 2013

Battleship tiericide details announced.

The first news about battleship rebalancing has come out. Just as with smaller ship sizes the old tiers will be rebalanced according to their new roles.

Battleships will be rebalanced into the roles of attack, combat and disruption battleships. Each race will get one attack and two combat battleships, except for the caldari who will keep their disruption battleship.

Just as with the attack battlecruisers the attack battleships will be faster, more agile and more aimed at damage application as their combat counterparts. Combat battleships will have more hitpoints though.

As a former tier 3 battleship the Rokh won't see many changes. The big news here is the shield resistance bonus on the Rokh that will be adjusted from 5% to 4% per level.
At skill level 5 that means a 20% bonus to resistances instead of 25% as it stands now. The reasoning is that resistances are one of the strongest bonuses available.

The Raven will be the Caldari attack battleship. It will lose one utility high and some hitpoints while gaining a little speed and agility. Base speed will now be 113 m/s. Powergrid will also be increased so it is easier to use torpedo's and a propulsion mod.

The raven will also lose 25 drone bandwidth putting it equal with the Rokh. So the good news is that the Rokh won't be the only battleship with 50 Mbit drone bandwidth anymore.

The Scorpion will also lose a utility high but gains a low slot in return, giving it 5 low slots.
Based on the Scorpion the disruption battslehips will get similar hitpoints to the attack battleships but won't get the increased mobility.

The Maelstrom won't see any change at all. The Tempest will get some minor tweaks, like a little more (armor) hitpoints.

The Typhoon on the other hand will get a complete overhaul turning it into a missile ship like the cyclone. It will end up with 7 high slots, 6 of which are for launchers.
The projectile bonus will be replaced with a cruise and torpedo explosion velocity bonus. So the typhoon will get better damage application on something in range while the Raven does less damage but at longer range. The Typhoon will remain the fastest battleship though at 130 m/s base speed.

The Hyperion loses one high slot but gains one utility high because it will also lose two turrets and double its bonus. Meaning that at max rank you will go from 10 effective turrets to 9 while gaining some drone bandwidth and bay size in return.

The Megathron damage bonus will be replaced with a rate of fire bonus. It will lose it's utility high and gain a low slot. Drone bandwidth and bay size are both reduced turning it more into a dedicated gun boat.

The Dominix loses its turret bonus in favor of a drone optimal range and tracking speed bonus. It also gains about 1800 hitpoints on shield, armor and hull each.

The only change to the Abaddon will the reduction in resistance bonus from 5% per level down to 4% per skill level.

The Apocalypse will see the cap bonus replaced by a 7.5% tracking bonus per level and get it's drone bandwidth reduced to 50 also, joining the Rokh/Raven.

Finally, the Armageddon, as expected has been turned into a drone ship with the second bonus changed to a 10% energy neutralizer/NOS range per skill level.
It also loses a high and low while gaining a fourth mid slot. For the amarr missile lovers it gets 5 launcher slots so it can fit either missiles or turrets but won't get a bonus to either one.
Lastly it gains substantial hitpints and 250m3 drone bay size.

I wonder what changes we will see to cruise missiles and torpedos later this year. Even more so about the faction navy ship rebalancing.

The fastest caldari attack battleship wil be the Raven at 113 m/s, still slower as the Tempest with it's 120 m/s base speed. Of course the Apocalypse will probably end up the slowest ship since it will fit an armor tank instead of the shield tank of the Raven but the Raven needs to close range while the Apocalypse has a range and tracking bonus.

In comparison the fastest minmatar battleship is the Typhoon with a base speed of 130 m/s, just below the base 140 m/s of a drake or ferox.

While I like utility highs the move towards more mid/low slots is better as those slots serve a more useful purpose in general.

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