Sunday, April 7, 2013

CSM Elections are live

The CSM pre-elections are over with the majority of the candidates getting enough endorsements to enter the final ballot.

Ripard Teg received a total of 1417 endorsements, more as any other candiate. Hopefully this will carry through to the actual elections.

Today I browsed through some blogs to help me put together a personal voting list.

I started out with names I know best.
1. Ripard Teg
2. Trebor Daehdoow
3. Mike Azariah
4. Roc Wieler

Ater this I browsed some blogs and picked the remaining 10 candidates and their order.

5. Unforgiven Storm
6. Malcanis
7. Mangala Solaris
8. Ali Aras
9. Psychotic Monk

I included Mynna and Kesper North as they seem to be the best of the nullsec bloc candidates. Since it's unlikely they would need my votes at all I dropped them to a lower place on my list.

10. Mynna
11. Kesper North

The final three are included mostly as filling.

12. Korvin
13. Nathan Jameson
14. James Arget

After logging in and going through the procedure of arranging candidates once and casting my vote I relogged with another account and the page had remembered my voting order. So voting the same order for multiple accounts is pretty easy.

Information I failed to locate was just exactly when the voting window closes.

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