Friday, April 12, 2013

EVE online: Odyssey ship polishing and Naglfar change

No this is not about new skins for your ships that will be available through that aurum thingie introduced long ago.

This is about real minor changes to T1 frigates and cruisers after the tiericide in the previous expansions and patches. For the complete story visit and

The big change is the removal of the split weapon system from the Naglfar dreadnaught though.
It will lose high slots and launcher hardpoints (and corresponding cpu/powergrid reduction) whiel getting a 50% role bonus to captial projectile damage.

Building materials will also be adjusted but this might not happen at the same time as the changes to the ship stats.

Frigate and cruiser changes are really minor except for the tormentor where the changes are just as small but more just one or two stats change.
The stabber also gets a bigger upgrade, it get's an increase to falloff bonus from 7,5 to 10% per skill level and the drone bay gets restored and increased giving it the bay and bandwidth for a full flight of light drones.

On an unrelated note the remote sensor booster sees some change also while the tracking enhancer gets a nerf to it's optimal and faloff bonus.

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