Friday, March 29, 2013

CSM Match vote 2.0

To help you in your choice of deciding whom to vote for during the CSM (pre-)elections you can visit I saw this link at

My first reaction is that there are lots of WH questions, of course they have to find a way to differ between the WH candidates.

The two candidates with the highest match at first are Steve Ronuken and Mangala Solaris for me.
Both candidates that I haven't even taken a loot at so far!

Player-built Outposts should be destroyable
Limiting this only to player-built outposts is a step but it would simply mean I'd be forced to limit myself to living in conquerable stations to reduce the odds of having lost all my assets after a two week vacation. I want the POS to be a destructable station.

Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Grand Admiral Shimo-Haya and DaeHan-Minhyok for saying destructable outposts should be mandatory.

CREST (the new API) should allow players to update or create their markets orders from outside the game client.
No. I don't need even more competition from bots or players imitating one.
Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Delayed local chat should be present in
WH space only if up to me. This is what makes WH space so unique.
Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Fon Revedhort

Suicide ganking in high sec
Only 2 candidates think it should be easier to gank someone. That said I do not want to make the game safer for anyone. Undocking means you run the risk of losing your ship.
Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Psychotic Monk and Malcanis

CCP should support secure player-run banks.
No government interference from CCP! Will they take my isk to save a bank that put money into risky investments?
Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Awol Aurix, Apricot Baby, Korvin, Greene Lee, Ali Aras.

The cost of using NPC owned manufacturing slots should be changed
Right now slot rental has barely any impact on production prices.
Candidates eliminated for their answer:
Mangala Solaris

Candidates going up in ranking for their answers:
Mynna mostly even though we disagree on some answers. Of course I am biased in this case because his comment to decouple local from intelligence mirrors my Blog Banter 44 post for a part.

Some other candidates also gave the correct answers but they won't get any attention until they make it to the real election.
A matchmaking list really only serves to eliminate candidates so Mike Azariah and Roc Wieler don't lose much by not appearing on this list. On the other hand it reduces their visibility a bit so might have a negative impact.

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