Wednesday, March 27, 2013

BB 45: Marketing

Through Seismic Stan of Freebooted we are asked the following question:

"In a socially-driven game environment such as EVE Online's, everyone has an agenda. CCP promotes its products and has an army of volunteers to do the same; corporations and alliances deliver entertaining recruitment drives, CSM election candidates solicit for voter favour, bloggers and podcasters opine to their audiences.

In this intricate web of communication, influence and control, what part does propaganda play in your game?

Propaganda, a word with negative connotations. Mostly because of its association with nazi Germany. (Just as Hitler ruined the 'tootbrush' mustache made famous by Charlie Chaplin. Not even Michael Jordan can get away with it 60 years after date without sparking outrage.)

In the original meaning propaganda was a neutral word, these days marketing, advertising and public relations are more common terms. The goal however is the same, to change public perception.

While propaganda surrounds us on every side in the real world, eve has no shortage of people or groups handing out one-sided others either. A lot of articles over at the Mittani have their source in propaganda mails from alliances. And are most blogs not about promoting a certain lifestyle or at least telling us about the good stuff that happens in their space? Eveoaganda as the name already implies is nothing but promotion of Rixx's pro-Eve stance.

And anyone following the news has probably heard the 'Test is pro', '-A- is shit' or 'You don't talk back to -A-'. Although by the end I was tired of the -A- bashing and was hoping they wouldn't fail completely.

After the release of this video I had a positive view of Test Alliance (even though I knew TEST was just a blob that batphoned in a bigger blob when they couldn't run over a loose coalition of small alliances), until the Madness of Montolio painted them a bit more negative. It helps they were blue before and have a nice orange color now.

I am easily swayed on some matters while I will stubbornly cling to my beliefs on others.
News that is biased yet claims to be 'fair and balanced' (hello Fox) will be met with suspicion, news that is biased and makes not claims otherwise wil be met with eyes open to other viewpoints and might get the benefit of the doubt. (hello Daily Show/Colbert Report)

Just remember to be critical of any onesided message. And while eve might seem like a second job for a lot of people it is still a game that is played for entertainment. Both by you and the target of (your) propaganda, be it your ally or your adversary. The entity presented as an ally today might be demonized tomorrow.

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