Friday, March 29, 2013

EVE online: Solving my isk problems

For a while I have been active on the local market, hauling in tech2 modules from high sec and putting them up for sale. Since I started this blog that has been put on hold for the most part while I switched more to local production of T1 items.

The biggest reason is that I don't want to tie up liquid isk on the market. Another is that I feel that with a blockade runner I can't compete with people using jump freighters and while I could pay someone to move my goods for me it would most likely mean I'd have to move goods in bigger quantities to make it worthwile for someone else. Which in turn ties up more isk at once.

I am still producing ships, modules and rigs locally. Salvage takes up almost no space at all so it easy to move in large quantities with a cloaky, triple stabbed and nullified T3 strategic cruiser.
Right now I mostly produce ammo since it has a quick turnaround and good profit margins for a low investment cost.

Since there is a limit to how much time I can spent playing eve I switched from mining myself to buying minerals locally already as well. That frees up my miner to move back to high sec for afk mining if needed. Mining in null while shooting rats on a second account and running a salvager on a third account, especially when in different systems, is just asking to lose a ship sooner rather than later. It is how I lost my then shiny new vargur.

The mony I made last month was immediately spent on a Gistum C-type medium shield booster to give my tengu a big cap stable tank. Although in reality my tank is getting smaller as I lose two shield modules to a codebreaker and analyzer.

[Tengu - no salvager]
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System II
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

Afterburner II
Gistum C-type Medium Shield Booster
Kinetic Deflection Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Codebreaker I
Analyzer I

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Expanded probe launcher

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Accelerated Ejection Bay
Adaptive Shielding
Fuel Catalyst
Emergent Locus Analyzer
Augmented Capacitor Reservoir

Three rigs is more as what is required to be cap stable. I just never got around to replacing them.
If I need more tank for an escalation I can always replace the codebreaker/analyzer with an EM and adaptive field hardener for omnitank or a kinetic hardener and shield boost amplifier vs guristas.
If I don't need the probe launcher I can always replace the adaptive shielding subsystem with the amplification node for an even bigger tank. (And the scanning subsystem with the sensor strength one to reduce the odds of getting jammed by gurista rats a little.)

With a tengu and vargur together I still don't earn as much isk per hour as with a carrier or a solo vincicator but I would say I end up with about 60 million isk per hour in bounties plus all the loot and salvage. This allows me to plex two accounts a month if I don't pvp, one if I do.

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