Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CSM 8 pre-elections

The CSM 8 pre-elections are live. A full list comprising of 35 candidates can be found at http://community.eveonline.com/community/csm/candidates/.

I browsed through the list and initially clicked open 8 candidates based on their name or the few lines visible. With a long list I am less likely to open candidates later on the list but the order is randomized each time you open the page so it evens out for candidates.

The 8 candidates I opened are:

Trebor Daehdoow
Last election I was tempted to vote for him but in the end didn't due to an email I received from him when visiting Jita in which he asked me to support him. At the time I thought of it as spam and it made me vote for another candidate instead.
This time there's a different system and I have no doubt he will end up near the top of my list, in no small part because this time I know better what he has done while on the CSM.
Time to start reading his blog.

His page refers to the forums where his post says:
This is a placeholder until my midterms are done tomorrow... as I am too busy to do it tonight. 
Yes I know this seems bad.

Yes, you just got scrapped. If you don't have time to get your platform in order you won't have time to go to Iceland and make yourself useful.

Clicked him open because of the name. Not impressed with what I see.

Ripard Teg
He gets a vote just because of his blog. Right now he would be at second place after Trebor but that might still change.

Mike Azariah
Last year he didn't get my vote, like Trebor this year he will end up on my list but a bit lower. While his mention of the casual player gets my attention I am still not sure why he would be be better candidate for my vote as for example Roc Wieler.
I follow his blog as well.

Roc Wieler
Another Canadian like Mike. I think last time he ran on the issue of 'the community'?
No strong agenda of himself although I understand what he wants to do, represent the interests of community. Right now I would rank him about the same as Mike because I occasionally follow his blog.

Unforgiven Storm
Clicked on his name because he mentions the word POS in the first line. Beyond that at first I don't see why I should endorse him. After a quick look at his blog it seems he at least has some ideas.
Let's see if he makes it to the final 14.

No idea why I clicked on this name, probably because of the word POS as well. Does not impress me.

will end up on my list but not high, my assumption is he will get in anyway.

Kesper North
Gets my attention for having a familiar name and being in the same coalition. Will probably end up on my list.

The rest of the candidates will get a look when they make it to the final 14.
Most WH candidates didn't get a look because unlike Two Step (who got one of the two votes I had last year) I think of them more as wormhole candidates and not as representing the whole of eve.

No James 315 on the list! Obviously I haven't been keeping up with the news.

For the pre-election you simply log in and press the big yellow ENDORSE button for the candidate you wish to endorse. After this you can cancel the endorsement or click the endorse button to change your endorsement to another candidate.

I endorsed Trebor, Ripard, Mike and Roc.

In the full election we fill in a 14-person preference list that gets tallied using a single transferable vote system. Just remember that if you really want a non-bloc candidate on the CSM putting him second place on your list might not do him any good if he is the candidate with the lowest value on the first count.

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