Friday, February 22, 2013

EVE online: Exploration profits

The previous time I talked about exploration I just had an exceptional haul from two magnetomatric resulting in almost 300m in loot. To end a week of a scanning and running sites I located one radar and one combat site.

The radar site was just some datacores and decryptors.

The combat site was a Gurista Military Operations Complex where the commanding officer dropped some pith loot.

The disadvantage to running exploration sites as opposed to ratting directly for isk is that I don't get isk for my work. I get items that I still have to move to high sec and sell first before I see any isk.

So I put all the faction loot and tech 2 salvage from all those sites in my tengu and moved it all to Jita to put on market there. Please do keep in mind that this the the result of several months of running sites. (Except the two small shield boosters, one was from an old tengu fit, the other from a pimped hawk that stopped using because I was afraid of losing a 300m frigate.)

Two days later most of the loot has sold and I am 3 billion isk richer.

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