Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EVE online: Pew pew

This simply part two of the previous post again. The previous version was made late at night and in the morning it didn't seem that coherant anymore so I broke up the bigger post in two smaller ones.

Another pos shoot! This time there was a defense fleet waiting for us.
We outnumbered them and won the objective despite heavier isk losses.

On our return from yet another pos shoot we are made aware of hostile gangs in the region and one that has set up a drag bubble at VFK station. We burn at maximum speed towards VFK hoping to get in on some kills before goons form up a home defense fleet. We make the dozen jumps in record time and arrive just in time to coordinate with the home defense fleet. They undock, bait the hostiles and keep them on the field long enough for us to take the JB into system and get a warp-in.

Looking at the killboard I would guess that VoC and TEST were two separate fleets but I do not remember exactly what happened since all the fights of the past few days merged a bit in my head.

Yesterday I was going to try some belt ratting and warped to top belt just as a neutral entered system. I reported the neut and warped off to station. Saw the call for a home defense fleet to kill it and some other hostile in the area so docked up and joined fleet.

With my pvp ships in our staging area and nothing ready for pvp in the local area I took a claw I had just for moving around fast. It was a dualprop inty with speed mods/rigs so I quickly pulled of a the cloak, ab and overdrives and replaced them with point, dcII and 200mm plates.

Undocked, made my way next system to the fleet and managed to get on two killmails
After this we chased the Tengu but lost track of it, partly because I might have misspoken when the FC asked for confirmation about something because the tengu pilot had a similar name to one of the SFI pilots from before.
I then chased a loki for almost a dozen jumps before losing him while the rest of the fleet went another way to try and cut him off. Later I caught up with the loki again but he logged off and I failed to use dscan correctly to help our prober locate him before he disappeared.

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