Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EVE online: Exploration again

The last three days after downtime I logged on, jumped into scanning tengu and started scanning neighbouring systems.

The first day I found two magnetomatric sites in one system.

Took me about 10 minutes to scan down both sites and another 30 or so to run them. Usually I clear the entire site and kill/loot/salvage all rats but this time I just took the cans and only killed rats in range.

Next I scanned down a pith penal complex in another system only to warp to empty space right as it despawned. After another 30 minutes of scanning and finding mostly wormholes I decided to give up for the day and do something else.

The next day it took me about 25 minutes to locate my first exploration complex, a Gurista Military Operations Complex although the only drop of value was a 20th tier overseer effects. Clearing this site took at least two hours but I walked out with every piece of loot in the site.

Today I spent about 30 minutes scanning 10 solar systems, locating two wormholes and one Dread Gurista Fleet Staging Point but the owner entered system and started running the site while I was still trying to scan down the site.
A site like the maze or DGFSP only spawns as an escalation so the sites are hard to scan down and the person that received the escalation might not approve of someone else running 'his' site.

I was determined to scan something down and started on the next constellation. The first system was empty of signatures. The second one had three so I started to scan down the signatures in anticipation of.. well something at least. Unfortunately all I found was three wormholes.

Perhaps I should get the hint and just get a WH exploration ship? After all wormholes have sites as well and the only real difference is the lack of local and the need to press Dscan.

The system after that I managed to scan down a Pristine Guristas Explosive Debris only to see another ship warp off as I enter the site. Well at least he left me four BS rats to kill before the site despawns.

As I have been scanning for almost two hours without result I decide to take a break and do something else. Maybe it's time to check the market and see how my sell orders are doing.

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