Wednesday, February 13, 2013

EVE online: To pod or not to pod.

As far as I am aware the Retirement Club (401K) has been killing or harassing the Space Monkey Alliance (SMA) and FCON alliance has been ordered to help out SMA.
As a result I have joined several fleets this month killing or defending towers.

A call had gone out for a POS save fleet. We had about a 100 man fleet in arty canes and heard about a 40 man TEST gang in the VFK area. Our FC was convinced there was enough time to still get to the POS in time we took a quick detour and engaged them.

After that we got intel about a second fleet jumping in so we moved one system, burned off the gate to our optimals and started our wait. Test jumped in after us soon after with the same results as the first time.

This person was probably in the wrong clone wearing a full snake set.

In the past I didn't have capsules on my fleet overview but recently I repaired that oversight and with things dying so fast this battle I just locked up everything I could and killed quite a few pods myself.

Should I feel guilty for podding people or am I just helping them to reship faster?
I fly with implants myself and always breathe a sigh of relief if a battle is without bubbles or at the edge and I can warp my pod out in one piece after losing my ship.

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